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August 11, 2008

I can't use the new version of msn.

Hello, I have a big problem with msn:I download the new version of msn,called Windows live messenger 2009.After downloading I couldn't use it.I entered my password and then I clicked to the sign in but it didn't sign in. After it I tried to delete and download the older version of msn but my computer wrote:You downloade a newer version ... Read more

overclocking fails

Hi, I cant seem to be able to overclock my computer past 2.3 ghz at 1.33volts does anyone have any tip? Im currently using amd 3800 with 667rams.

Help with boot

Hello, this is weird my computer never usually does this, it will startup, come onto the "start windows normally" screen. show all the tests yadayada, then it gets to the widows startup screen (not log in) and then it just restarts and does the whole thing over again I could use some help! Read more

Schedule Announced for Conference & Workshops

Hello, When Technologies Mean Business, Participation Means Advantage. The schedule for Business Technology Summit has been announced. The theme of this year's summit is Riding the Workhorse IT Hockey Stick, featuring a convergence of four co-located tracks that have been identified as the power team for Workhorse IT -- SOA & Web Service... Read more

DVD converter

Hello, dudes just wondering if i need a converter for burning dvds into vcds? i have roxio as burning software do you think it can do the job directly without having to go through a converter? thank you

connecting my pda to my pc

Hello, wanted to connect my pda to my computer but cant synchronise my contacts any idea of how can i do it?

lcd screen

Hello, the problem is with my lcd screen. it lights up sometimes and sometimes dont. is this a big problem with it and what can i do ? repairs will it cost high ? thank you