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Converting rows of data in notepad to columns [Solved]

Hello, Needing help please. From a pdf data base supplied, I have copied the contents over onto notepad. The data within this notepad contains first name, last name, postal address and a whole host of other non related data. The challenge is that the data exists in "rows", and I need to import into excel in column format-that way I can... Read more

Lookup across whole workbook (muliple sheets) [Solved]

Hello, I would need your help with my problem in MS Excel. Here is the description: 1. I have an Excel workbook containing multiple sheets (ca. 15-20) 2. Each of the sheets contains several records of the products identified by unique pr. number/code 3. So, I need to find a function or macro which will do following: if I enter sel... Read more

Excel - IF function with multiple words [Solved/Closed]

Hi I'm trying to write a formula to produce a yes/no answer depending on whether the data in a previous cell in the same row contains any of the words I am trying to match. Ie. I want the formula cell to read "Yes" if Cell B4 contains the words "Apple" or "Banana" or "Carrot", or "No" if it doesn't contain any of those words. I a... Read more

If cell = date return yes or no. [Solved]

Hello, I need an excel formula that tells me if a a cell = a date to return yes or no. I tried =IF(I12=TRUE, Yes, No) and =IF(I12=DATE, Yes, No) but I keep getting #name errors. If its any help, the cell with the date (I12) is retreiving it via a vlookup function and is not just a date entered manually. The only other value ... Read more

Excel "IF" function w/ date in test cell [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am trying to use the IF function with a date in the logic test cell; If the logice test cell has a date then I want the word "DONE" to sho, if it doesn't then I want it to calculate the difference between two cells that are populated with dates. The formula that I have been trying to get to work is shown below...any thoughts ... Read more

If a cell contains any text then add a value [Solved]

I hope someone can help me with this...I've done this before but can't remember how. I have a list of names (for an attendees list) and I need to show an extended total for each person and the number of guests they will bring. Here's the layout... B2 is the person's name C2 is the number of guests they will bring D2 is the tota... Read more

Compare values in two columns and return the value from third

Hello, I've a table containing four columns. If the values in the first two columns match to particular value (eg. A1="xxxx" and B1="yyy"), I need to return the value in the third column to the fourth column. Can anybody help??? Thanks in advance. Configuration: Windows / Chrome 47.0.2526.111 Read more

script which can check if a debit has a corresponding credit [Solved]

Hello, I am new to VBA, and I am searching for a script which can check if a debit has a corresponding credit (same value bue with -/+), and highlight the cells in green. Cells that doesn't have a corresponding cell needs to be highlighted in red. I want to check from cell B2 to L56, as there are several subsidiarys I need to match. ... Read more

Function has too many arguments... [Solved]

Why is excel telling me that this formula has too many arguments? =IF(TODAY()>=B9+15,"PAY NOW","HOLD",IF(u9="PAID","PAID")) I am stationed on cell T9 which already has the function =IF(TODAY()>=B9+15,"PAY NOW","HOLD") But I want T9 to show PAID if U9 shows PAID. Many thanks, Jose Cruz Read more

Problem in comparing rows

Hello, I want to compare two adjacent rows and highlight the difference; then I want to apply this to entire worksheet so that all adjacent rows (i.e. 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6 and so on).

VBA find column by name and sort [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to make a code that should: - Go to the first worksheet - Find the first column with header "sku" - Sort this column ascending However, I just don't seem to get it right. Error message that I get now = Run-time error "1004". The sort reference is not valid. Any advice is appreciated. Underneath th... Read more

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Complicated if/then copy operation?

if (column range; eg, A8:A42) has any value, then Copy a cell (formula; in C2) two columns to the right of every cell in that column (A) that has a value. Complicated, I think. Basically, I have a cell with a formula. In column A, I need to manually input some findings. Not every cell in Row A is going to have input. But, for the... Read more

Nesting IF formula problem

Hello, I'm trying to set up a worksheet for student participation grades. Once I arrive at a participation average, I'd like to have a formula to read the average and return a value (e.g. If A2=9 then 100, If A2=8 then 95, etc.) This is what I've found from online: =IF(AA2 Read more

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