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August 21, 2008

How to recover my hidden folder? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have installed a free hide folder software to hide a file. Due to some virus problem, I had to format my C drive, but my folder was in D drive. Obviously, after formatting, the free hide folder software disappeared and I had forgotten to unhide the folder before formatting. Now I need the folder but cant get it. Pleas... Read more


Hello, my computer just installed an update and when it came back everything in my documents and my pictures was gone. I don't have a virus I ran a virus scan. And it takes away my desktop background too. It also takes away my browsing history on my computer, and bookmarks. Almost like i bought a new computer, but everything I downloaded ... Read more

Grand Theft Auto 3

Hello,who can find me gta 3 end/lastest/misons for gta 3 help me >email/

vista is always blocking my Garena,

Hello, some program named USER aCCoUNT CONTROL, it really bugs me, as if im not the owner of this system, how can i configure it back to normal? windows firewall didnt asked for unblocking like the first time i downloaded it, pls help

router IP address problem, I think?

Hello, When I try to view TV episodes through the website, a screen pops up telling me that "only US residents can view full episodes". The problem is that I AM a US resident! I tried to access the same episodes on my school campus (I have a laptop), it seemed to work. At home, I reset my cable modem and wireless router, but st... Read more

Net Transport shuts itself down...why....???

Hello, I've used Net Transport for about 4 years now, 2 paid version, 2 free version. It has started to shut itself down, about every 10 mins or so. Is there a 'timer' setting somewhere?

mine start menu don't respond

Hello,I have a big problem I download vista mizer on mine laptop it did not work good so I delete it but the laptop don't work now as before mine start menu don't work I can not open it pleased help me what I should do

unable to intialisevideo mode

Hello, i installed desperados 2:coopers revenge . after that when i trid to play it is giving error messege like this "unable to intialise video mode,could not set to screen mode"