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unable to download attachment file in gmail

Hello, i have unable to download attachment file my gmail account pls solustion this problem.

Video will only play with audio

Hello, My computer battery recently ran out with my ex-HD plugged in. When I rebooted, most files on my ex-HD/computer are fine (audio and photos) however, films now only play with audio and a singular frame. Please help! These are family videos that are on my laptop and backed up on my ex-HD but nothing seems to be working. Tried win... Read more

Toshiba Satellite Recovery Error

Hello, I would like to restore my Toshiba Satellite C655, but I can't figure it out. whenever I hold down 0 until the beeping starts, it just boots to the normal startup menu. Please help Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 535.7

Dell Dimensions not recognizing new 320 HD

Hello, I recently installed a brand new 320g Hard drive, but my pc is saying I still only have a 50g HD in it and now it's telling me my disk space is low and a few of my applications will not update because of the PC not seeing that there is plenty of space! I was told I need to flash my Bios to get the PC to see the new drive But I hav... Read more

What is the best free zip tool?

Hello, i'm looking for a great zip tool. Now i'm using to zip files but are there any onther free software? Kind greets! Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 535.7

PC help

Hello, Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 535.7 I have a compaq i recieved from a family member and i somehow completley wiped the whole thing out on accident. I did not backup anything. i have an acronis disk that i can put it in the cdrom and it pops up and allows me to access that. Other than that i can not do anything:( ... Read more

USB Flash Drive Data Corruption Issue

Hello, I have used my USB flash drive for several years now without any problems, however, when I inserted my flash drive today it came up as 'Removable Disk D' instead of its usual name, in addition, when I attempted to access it, I was faced with the message 'In order to use this disk, it must first be formatted'. I can now not acce... Read more


Hello, my name is Matt and i have a problem. Ok. I have a issue on my computer with and only facebook. It will let me login and see that i have notifications/messages but it wont load the news feed or let me see my profile basically it just lets me log in. When i go to check my notifications it which is about the only thing o... Read more

problem with vlc player

Hello, my system is os xp.and i have downloaded vlc-1.1.11-win32. while i am playing with it ,i can see the picture and sound.but on screen there is no tool bar or control pannel.please help me. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

xp home sp3 problem with large avi files

Hello, I have a pentium 4 , 1gig machine using xp home sp3, i have external hard drive that is loaded with different kinds of avi most of them close to or over a gig. Everytime i try to load it the drive freezes or I get explorer error saying sorry for the inconvenience but it will shut down, i can run virus checks and every thing ... Read more