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WD Elements not detected on Mac

Apologize if this has been covered, I can't seem to find it. Bought my mom an Elements 2T for Christmas, two months later she brought it to me saying it didn't work. When first plugging it in, it spins. After some time it stops. There's still a blue light on it that flashes. I tried on her computer, tried on my computer, forgot about it f... Read more

No signal from anything

Hello, my computer was working just fine, them I decided to use a vertical mount from cablemods to showcase my graphics card a bit. I got it installed and turned it on and no signal to my monitor. So I put the graphics card back how it originally was and still no signal. I put it into another slot and nothing. I tried my other graphics ca... Read more

Gateway boot error

Hello, I have gateway try start getting error message when starting booting error

How to copy a data from one sheet to another, when specific criteria is met

Hello, If, for instance, the criteria changes in column "C" - it gets higher number, how to transfer the row data to other sheet2, copying the row data. For example - originally it was 0 in column "C" of row 22, then it has changed to 1 in the same row 22 of column "C". Then I need all the data in row 22 to be copied to other sheet - s... Read more


Hello, I wanna ask.. is it my old acer aspire compatible with windows 10? Because i try to install new driver to update Bluetooth driver but.. It seems like Bluetooth still not there? Please answer my question... tq Read more

Facebook help

Hello, I can't log in my Facebook account because I forget my password and email number is already lost.

how to get freebox id and password

hello, we are shifted in a apartment and there is freebox connection established already. how we can get the ID and password.

My laptop screen

My laptop screen turns blue and sometimes black when I use it for long time. I changed the memory and it did not work if there is any solution I will be happy

sd card format wants again

Hello, 3-4 year ago 1gb sd card 2 times formatted. just second times mistakenly formatted. already inside many data went. long time since using i wasnt. now again telling, ''format disc''. opening wont sd card properly.