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Get more Instagram followers

Hello, I kindly need your help. I've mentioned that almost all even smallest companies have thousands of followers on Instagram. I've read a lot of articles how to attract new followers and I followed the instructions, but it doesn't really work. I mean I create a unique and qualified content, do regular posts, use hashtags.. But there a... Read more

I need answer

Hello, Few months something from Instagram make me crazy. How can some profile who is not active long time to change number of people who that page following.I understand if number of following people going down but how can be possible that number of following people growing. It's a very strange for me.Please if you can help me.My girl... Read more

Engagement is down !

Hello, my problem is that my posts used to go to explore every time i post but now its not reaching the explore no more i cant know why instagram is limiting my reach ? I thought that i was shadow banned but its not shadow ban iam sure i hope you guys can help me to return back to explore Read more