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GTA IV performance [Closed]

Hello,can someone help? will I be able to run GTA IV with..... Pentuim 4 3.2 ghz , Nvidia geforce 6600GT 128Mb , Windows XP sp2 Build 2600 , 1Gb DDR2 memory ? Please help. Regards Com.MacMillan

can't change the background display [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i've been trying to change my display picture for a couple of months now and its not working, i go into control panel and click on display but the tab for the background is not there the other tabs are there like theme, screensaver etc: please please could you help me. Thanks Read more

Which Windows for my MacBook? [Solved]

Hi! I just got the latest MacBook with 120 GB of space. Currently, there is only 76.66 free GB. I want to use either Windows XP or Windows Vista. My question is which one would be more suitable in a dual-boot situation I'm little afraid that Vista might run too slowly. Any advise?


Hello, I lost all my drivers of aspire 4720z . Can anyone plz give me link where from i can download them . I tried acer web site but sadly that site anit not working for me . Thanx in advance . Regards .

System 32 problem

Hello, When my system starts up it has an error message which says :- C:windows/system32/DLL/masdaq? is missing Can anyone tell me how to repair this???

hyperlink problem !!! URGENT!!!! [Closed]

Hello, I have a problem with hyperlinks in my excel table. I created hyperlinks to pdf files but when I try to open the hyperlink it just flashes the pdf, like it would open it and then dissapears. I have office 2003. When I transfer the folder with files and excel table to may laptop, which is windows XP it opens the links normally. ... Read more

Shutdown problem

Hello, When I am shutdown the windows its not shutdown properly.I have to swith of the system it was not auto turn off. I am using windowsxp sp2. Regards M.S.Vaas

Uninstalling UBUNTU [Solved]

Hello, I've just bought a Dell 500 with UBUNTU preinstalled. I cannot get used to this OS and I plan to exchange it for Windows. Can anybody tell me how to ununstall the UBUNTU? Will be grateful.


Hello, need your help. Can someone tell if there MSN has been logged from a different computer. Can they trace the source. basically a friend1 has been checking on her friends2 emails as she is aware of her password through consent..but now the friend1 mentioned that somebody has been logging in as would she now if so! thank... Read more

Which do you prefer?

Hello to all geeks! Which do you think is better, Wii or PS3 or Xbox 360 ? My point of view : I love Wii!!!!!

best football games?

Hello, since long i have not played a football game at that time i was playing fifa 2006....i have tried fifa 2008 but i have noticed that it has become slow and complicated for i just want to know other games with simple game play but a fast one also so please help me to find this type of football games Read more

i want my comp back

Hello, i had a problem wit my fan and i had to turn my comp of and on so i kept unplugging it from the wall. Now when i turn it on it has the whole windows could not start succfully. I try and go in safe mode and start normally but it just stays on that screen. I dont have a windows disc to restore what do i have to do? Read more

Buying a mac

Hello, I want to buy a mac and give my laptop to my brother Can someone advice me what is the best of the actual market.

virus problem

Hello, when Switch on my comp that time proccesing is very very slow then desktop is coming & restart automatically. plz help me.

wont log in

Hello, here is my problem my lap top switched of because of a battery loss (charging) but after that it did not go on from the comand screen (it just shows the black screen with comands and does not log on) what could be the problem with it..... Bafsy Read more

best anti virus???

Hello, i'm searching for a good anti virus,,,,can u tell me which is the best one at present???thanks a lot

monitor problem

Hello, the tricky thing is that my monitor keeps on heating up and there is a strange burning smell,,,so i turned it off,,,,now the problem has stopped there are black corners on my screen,,,,,,,,can anyone advise me what to do???

Is firefox compatible w/ macbook

Hello, i'd like to know if i can use firefox in macbook. i heard that there's this version of firefox that is not compatible w/ macbook, hence may corrupt the files or something. so it would really be a mac-saving deed if you can tell me something about it. thanks.

Strange sound from my laptop

Hi ,Ive just noticed a strange sound coming from my laptop as if a fan running. Ive just bought it yesterday and I don't know if there is something to worry about?

xp password

Hello, anyone knows how to crack the password on windows xp please ? my brother put a password and i dont know what he put exactly thank you