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how to get rid of trojan virus [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have a mischievous virus it is trojan n I cant get rid of it can someone tell me step mby step how its done please;-)

is there a new version of assasin creed???

Hello, hi to all n to gamers specially;-)i wanted to know if whether there is an ew version of the fantastic game;assasin's creed if yes please give me the link as i'm really mad of this game.thank u ;-)

is servage reliable???

Hello, do u think that servageis really safe n good to use????

is burnout paradise available???

Hello, i wanted to know if burnout paradise is available and if so please tell me where can i get please thank u for ur kindness:-)

what is a rontok virus????

Hello, can anyone tell me please what is a rontok virus an if it is really dangerous????thanks

Advantages and use of WiiFii

Hello, i just bought a new mobile and there is wiifii on it so i wonder what are the advantages and its use please in order to enjoy it as well;-))))))

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best anti virus????

Hello, to all of u of course,,,,,which is the best anti virus?????are there new one which are better than avira

which photoshop???

Hello,can someone tell me more about photoshop and the best one to use as im interested in it

cant access internet''''

Hello, since yesterday i cant use internet and i dont know why????can anyone help me out

is there a new call of duty????

Hello, i have just finished the number 4 n i wonder if there is a new one available and where if yes

vista not oppening

Hello, i have recently bought vista and it was installed but the tricky thing is that it refuse to open sometime as if,if it opens it is by luck,,,,help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee

which is the best anti virus?

Hello, i am bored of using norton which is too slow and weak,can someone tell me which is the best anti virus to use and where i can get it????

what sould i do to get windows server 2003

Hello, can anyone tell me how can i get windows server 2003?please help me out

speaker not working in vista [Solved]


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vista not responding

Hello, i have downloaded vista recently and i have install it on my pc but when i try it the program is not workin can you tell me what should be done please

black and white

Hello, everytime i start to play the game its cool , and at the middle of the game , it becomes kinda slow

Msn messenger!

Hello, I just downloaded the last version of msn messenger and i haven't restart my pc when it asked me to! And i only exit msn...can someone tell me why when i click on the msn icon i can't connect?! I have restarted my pc now and there is still no change... HELP!!!

nfs carbon [Solved]

Hello dudes, ive got an extensa laptop from acer ! ive just installed nfs carbon and fifa 2008 ! I cant even play both of them is this a graphic card trouble or ram unsufficient issue ? plsssssssssssss hellp

Internet explorer 7 download [Solved]

im actually using this old internet exploerer 6.0 + Firefox ... where can i download internet exploerr?

New TV tuner card! [Solved]

Hello to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited. Just bought my first TV tuner card, but I have no idea on how to work it. I have the drivers installed, and I downloaded a free program called Blaze Media Pro and it is picking up the signal, but I can't seem to figure out how to just watch the TV on my computer...I'm pretty sure...