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Can't see hidden files [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i got a monstrous problem concerning my hidden files, I can't see them anymore and when I enter in tools, folder options so as to click and see my hidden returns back to "do not show" any clue????Configuration: Windows XP Firefox

lastest Flash Player [Closed]

Hello, Here we go. I've read through other questions/solutions that are very simliar to mine, and tried them, but it's not working for me. So I've copied and pasted the windows that pop up to tell you what you are doing wrong. This all started when I wanted to view a video of my daughter on Facebook. I get this --------This page co... Read more

SKU011.CAB [Solved/Closed]

when I go to open ms word or ms excel computer ask for file. I have no cd of office 2003. please help

download hp pavilion dv6000 [Closed]

pls send me driver for hp pavilion 6000 all pls

whre can get live messenger 9.0

Hello, there is one question which is scraping my mind???:-)where can i get live messenger9.0???

System 32 problem

Hello, When my system starts up it has an error message which says :- C:windows/system32/DLL/masdaq? is missing Can anyone tell me how to repair this???

Pics from phone to PC

Hi all, First of all... I'm sorry, mods, if this is in the wrong place for my post. Here is my question: how can I transfer some pics from my mobile phone (Motorola V500) to my PC? Do I need a certain cable? I tried sending some images to my email address which is an option in the "send to" on my phone but I never receive... Read more

mac book pro

holla , i am planing to buy a mac book, but i wanted to know the difference between mac book and mac book pro

remove anti virus

Hello, i have installed numerous anti virus and firewalls in the past removed them by uninstalling them. now when i check the antivirus and firewall on my computer these programs still shows up either "off" ,"on" or out off date how can i remove them from showing up in my list of protection. thanks Read more

Survey about videogames

Hi everyone, At the moment i am doing my final internship at a game developer in the Netherlands and i am researching how players can get an emotional bond with a game. I have done a couple of test to find this out and one of these is an online survey with questions about different aspects of videogames. Al help is appreciated and if you... Read more


hi , what kinda game is it ?

mouse problem

Hello, so the fact is that my ps2 mouse isnt working and ive tried one but neither working. any idea of what should i do please ?

Blue Ray Features plz [Solved]

Hello, I was wondering if Blue Ray can support more than 100GB of data in dual layer?


Hello today, Well a couple of days back i lost all audio from my computer meaning even when i put the headphones on my speakers are working and all because i can hear a fuzzing noise even when no sound should be playing. I was trying to delete things to make more space so i could make more room. I guess i deleted Realtek. Im not real... Read more

which photoshop???

Hello,can someone tell me more about photoshop and the best one to use as im interested in it

wont log in

Hello, here is my problem my lap top switched of because of a battery loss (charging) but after that it did not go on from the comand screen (it just shows the black screen with comands and does not log on) what could be the problem with it..... Bafsy Read more