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Keeps hangs and unable to start the window

Hello, I had get into this problem now: When I boot my pc,I keep get random hangs on the booting screen,where all your hardware specs showed up.I just couldn't start my window xp since it hangs Many Many times. sometimes when it hangs on the booting screen,it gives out a fast beep sounds,not,everytime though. Mostly hangs on init...

PC unable to boot,but fan is running [Solved/Closed]

Hi guys, First of all,thanks for looking into this problem. Okay,here's my problem,I have a LG cpu,and I the problem right now is,when I try to boot , I pressed the power button ,I can hear the fans are running(used to be just blue light,without blinking when the system is running)the Samsung monitor blue light are blinking, but the s...