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March 17, 2009

software flash media

Hello, Iam using vista windows , when I want to play some musics ask me to install adobe flash media, and when I download it from internet it does not install properly, so I want your answer in this issue Thank

problem between computer and cell phone

Hello, I recently downloaded facebook to my blackberry phone. I usually use that and I invited all my friends from my phone, but now when I use the computer and type in my email and password, it doesnt show all of my friends, messages, or the writing on my wall. Does anyone know how to fix this? Read more


Hello, what do i need to do if i purchase my application games on itunes but they wont transfer onto my ipod

msn massenger

Hello, Can anyone please tell me how to get windows live messenger onto my mobile phone?? i have been looking for such a long time if anyone knows can you please reply bak to me on this e-mail

sound problem Inspiron 700m

Hello, The sound of my machine is not working one in a while. It happend very suddenly as it was working fine, but one day there was no sound. After a couple of times restarting, the sound came back. Again it happned for a couple of days and today after 10 time restarting there is no sound. I reinstalled the drivers as well and the hard... Read more

windows explorer has stopped working

Hello, All When i insert any "Removable Disk" in my Laptop Toshiba windows appears "Error" "Windows Explorer has stopped working" and windows automatically restarts. Friends please help me in this matter, Thanks & Regards Chinna Waiting 4 u r early reply Read more

local disc

Hello, Hello, Please can somebody help me, i have 2 partitions: C:\ D:\, but when i try to open by double click, it open something else "my document". I'm waitting for any help

Always Re-Start after Install New Monitor

Hello, After installed new Monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 933Bw), I get problem with my computer, about 2 minutes after login, the windows apear "Your devive has been set up, re-start your computer..?" YES or NO, but there is not enough time to select NO, and then computer have been shut down and start again. I used Computer CPU Compaq ... Read more