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Cookpad is a new way to connect your cooking skills with a social media platform dedicated to culinary creations. If you're a cooking lover, an amateur, or a professional, simply share, follow, comment, and thank other users for recipe ideas and cooking skills in a new way to connect with other users by sharing homemade recipes and creating a worldwide community of users of culinary influencers. Get inspired by thousands of recipe ideas!

What are the key features of Cookpad?

  • Personal Recipe Book: Create your own recipes and share them with the community of home cooks around the world. The cook Cookpad app allows you to upload as many recipe creations and ideas as you can imagine. Share your ideas and cooking experiences regardless of your experience, all of the recipes are made by home cooks for home use.
  • Cooksnapping: Recipes are stored in your profile by snapping a picture of your favorite homemade dishes, just like any other social media network, snap a photo and publish it into your personal profile so other people can enjoy and get inspired by your creations.
  • Manage your Profile: Follow other users and grow your own network of fans and followers by sharing all of the details of your recipes. Once the pictures of your recipes are uploaded, don't forget to add all the cooking processes, ingredients, and your special touch. The more information you add the more followers you'll get.
  • Save Your Recipes: All your recipes will automatically be saved and stored in your profile, no matter how many recipes you upload, the app will track and keep them save to let you know which are the most popular ones. It will also allow you to find them easily with their search toolbar.
  • Share and Customize: The Cookpad recipe application allows you to personalize your own profile, perhaps you want to follow your own homemade recipes, share your family recipes, seasonal dishes, and holiday favorites and share them with cooks where everyday people can get inspiration. The application has integrations to share all your creations with other social media applications like Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter.
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How to use Cookpad?

Simply download Cookpad and create your account using Facebook, Google, or Apple ID. Once you're in you can start to share thousands of recipes.

Is Cookpad free?

Cookpad is free for download and use. Offers in-app purchases.