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The official application of Instagram gives you access to the most famous social network in the world, with more than 1,2 billion users. It allows you to interact with your followers and view content from other Instagrammers.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service founded in 2010 and owned by Facebook. Since it was launched, Instagram has become more and more popular. It constantly pushes boundaries to create more features to make people connect, share ideas and trends, ease the shopping process if you want to launch your online business, and more. 

What are the key features of Instagram?

  • Messenger: Thanks to instant messaging, you can instantly send DMs to people and groups of your friends with photos, audio messages, and videos, as well as add captions and effects to make the conversation. You will also be able to connect via video chat. It will fully empower you to connect more with people the way you want, wherever you are. Additionally, you can switch to vanish mode and send messages that only last for a moment.
  • Videos: Follow your friends, people, creators, and brands you love, and view brand-new content to connect better. You will also be able to post and share photos and videos the way you want and create more engaging and stunning content. You will quickly find out that videos and pictures will help you reach more people, and your uniqueness deserves to be shared.
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  • Stories: Using stories, you can share your everyday life moments with everyone you want. You can pimp your content using stickers, text, and GIFs to make it more alive, add Questions to interact with people, and edit videos with Superzoom or Boomerang. Create your wall of highlights by pinning stories on your profile.
  • Reels: With Reels, you can watch, create, and share short, entertaining videos full of visual and audio effects. You can also create content with other people by collaborating with Remix. Using Reels, you will be able to create refreshing and calibrated content to express yourself the way you want.
  • Shop instantly: You can now directly shop on Instagram. When you see items you would like to purchase in your Feed or Stories, you just need to tap the product tags to see their details, including their name and price. You can also choose to add items to your Wish List and come back whenever you want. You can also visit @shop, which is Instagram's official shopping account, and discover new brands and founders, and thanks to Facebook Pay, you will experience a smooth and effortless purchasing process.
  • Create your business: You can now create your business account and post content to make money when people watch advertised content or buy your product. This is really powerful as you can launch your online business and manage your Instagram community like an entrepreneur. No website, no technical management, just focus on your content and live your passion.
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  • Explore: You can easily explore new topics or focus on the type of content you prefer to find new inspiring ideas. You will also view more of a topic you like based on posts you have engaged with and have searched before. Unlimited content and topics wait for you to be discovered and push your creative boundaries.
  • Instagram Videos: Formerly known as Instagram TV, it empowers creators and business accounts to create longer vertical videos and make the content even more engaging and personalized. It is intuitive to use and will allow you to leverage your community.
  • Live broadcasts: There is pretty no limit to how you can interact with people, and live broadcast is another fantastic way to interact with your community. Once the live starts, you will be able to see people's comments and reactions on the side of the video and create tremendous discussions.
  • Modern interface: Thanks to the fine-tuned interface, you will navigate easily in your account, manage your different Instagram accounts from the same app, create Finsta or secondary profiles, and more.
  • Notifications: Thanks to the integrated notification system, you should never miss out on what's happening.
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How to use Instagram?

  1. After downloading and installing the application, you only need to log in with your user credentials or by means of your Facebook account. If you are not yet on Instagram, you can create a new account.
  2. Follow the creation process, configure your profiles, follow other profiles, and post.
  3. Consult our dedicated articles about how to see who viewed your profilehow to create a storyhow to use Reelshow to upload high-quality photoshow to delete your Instagram account, or how to disable your Instagram account.

Is it free?

Like most other social networking services, Instagram is completely free of charge.

Is Instagram safe?

Instagram is safe to use. It is designed like any other social media that collects your data, so consult their data policy for more information. As usual, ensure you talk with people you know and trust in case you need to share personal pieces of information.

What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram?

  1. Audience: Instagram targets a younger audience than Facebook, which is mostly comprised under 30.
  2. Core design: Facebook emphasizes connection with your friends, family, and new people, while Instagram focuses on inspiration, discovery, and new kinds of content.
  3. Content: Instagram allows you to post short videos and photos. Facebook allows you to post more varied post types.
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