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WhatsApp is the application you can't miss out on when looking for an instant-messaging service, as it's one of the most used apps in this category worldwide.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp (also called WhatsApp Messenger) is a centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service owned by Meta Platforms. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps worldwide as it provides all the modern features this kind of app offers, including text and voice messages, calls, file sharing, and more.

What are the key features of WhatsApp?

  • Messaging: You can send and receive instant text messages from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, thus avoiding usual SMS fees. Sometimes you will need to say things out loud as it feels more natural, and your voice says it all. Just tap record, and you can record and send voice messages.
  • Groups: Whether you want to share with your family, your friends, your coworkers, or organize an event, WhatsApp allows you to create groups of up to 256 people at once, name the group, and customize it the way you like. Of course, group admins will be able to manage the group.
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  • Create rooms: Create virtual meetings of up to 50 participants thanks to the integrated Messenger Rooms tool. The app will guide you to Messenger, and with just one link, you can invite anyone whether or not they are WhatsApp users.
  • Calls: You can start a voice or video call with anyone else using WhatsApp, no matter where they are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can stay online and share unique live moments with those who matter to you or join your coworkers in meetings.
  • Security: WhatsApp integrates end-to-end encryption regarding messages and calls so that not even WhatsApp can see the content of your conversations (except if the message is reported). Still, remember that your conversations and group metadata are visible to WhatsApp (group name, group image, IP addresses, timestamps, etc.).
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  • Share: WhatsApp allows you to share everything you want with people, using the built-in camera or sending attachments. You can send and receive instant photos, videos, and files.
  • Synchronized: WhatsApp is cross-platform and allows you to connect on various devices and stay synchronized no matter which one you use. So you will never lose a single piece of data.

How to use WhatsApp?

  1. Once WhatsApp is launched, you can create your account.
  2. Review the terms of Services and agree.
  3. Select your country, enter your phone number (using the international phone number format), and validate.
  4. You may need to complete the registration process by validating your device using a code WhatsApp will send to you.
  5. Set up your profile, choose your photos, and enter your name.
  6. Add contacts, and start a chat or create a group.
  7. Send messages to your contacts, or start a voice or video call.
  8. You can also consult the WhatsApp Help Center.

How to link WhatsApp to your PC or Mac?

  1. Once WhatsApp is installed and launched on your desktop, you will see a QR code to connect your smartphone and desktop apps.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone, then, on Android tap More options (the three vertical dots), and on iPhone, go to WhatsApp Settings.
  3. On Android, tap LINK A DEVICE. On iPhone, tap Link a Device.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and use your phone to scan the QR code on your desktop app.
  5. Finish the linking process.

Is it free?

Yes, WhatsApp is completely free of charge.

Is it safe?

WhatsApp is a safe environment, but remember to always pay attention to who you are talking to on the internet. Even though WhatsApp claims to feature end-to-end encryption, users can still report messages, and WhatsApp moderators will be able to review them. Moreover, all your messages' metadata are not end-to-end encrypted and are collected.

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