The Support Period Has Ended for One of Samsung's Best Mid-Range Phones of 2020

The Support Period Has Ended for One of Samsung's Best Mid-Range Phones of 2020

The official support period has ended for one of Samsung's finest mid-range phones from 2020.

Samsung has announced that they will no longer be releasing updates for this relatively recent phone that is only 4 years old

Earlier this year, updates ceased for the Galaxy A51, and now the same is happening for its smaller sibling: the Samsung Galaxy A41

When Samsung initially launched the Galaxy A41, not everyone was happy with it. The previous Galaxy A40 was a good compact sized phone, and instead of keeping a similar size, the A41 had a noticeably larger footprint. Although in hindsight, it would still prove to be smaller than the Galaxy A51, and we could argue that the Galaxy A41 was Samsung's last compact mid-range phone.

Upon its release, Samsung promised at least three more years of security updates for the A series phones. However, in 2021, the company extended this period to four years - up to 2024. As a result, the A41 is now reaching the end of its update period

This means that the Galaxy A41 will officially no longer receive new updates or security patches. Of course, this doesn't mean you can no longer use the phone; it simply means the software will stop being updated, and could jeopardise the security of your device. 

The last update for the Galaxy A41 was a few days ago. A package of just under 227 MB with firmware version A415FXXX8DXE2, including security patches from May 2024.

For now, the Galaxy A41 remains up-to-date in terms of security. In any case, the next update won't be released for another six months, and until then, the phone is considered completely secure.

For the moment, the Android 12 operating system on the Galaxy A41 is sufficiently updated for major apps to function. Additionally, you can continue downloading Google Play updates, which are independent of Samsung.

In short, if your Galaxy A41 is still working well, there is no reason to get rid of it yet. If you are looking for a replacement in a price range comparable to the A41 right now, you can look for other newer models like the Galaxy A35, which will still have several years of technical support.