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Truecaller is a caller identification app that empowers you to get the most out of your calls and messages. It protects you from spammers, helps you manage your calls and messages more efficiently, and provides many additional features.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a call and messaging app designed to help you filter and identify callers, block potential spammers, record calls, and manage many other aspects of calling or texting your contacts. It is truly convenient.

What are the key features of Truecaller?

  • Caller ID: Thanks to the Caller ID feature, Truecaller can instantly identify each incoming call anywhere in the world, whether they are landline, mobile, or pre-paid. Before picking up, you will be able to know the caller's category (regular, spam, priority, or verified) depending on the screen background color (blue, red, purple, or green), and you will also be able to consult the call reason, the video caller ID, and after-call details to save the contact, block, call back, etc.
  • Block: You can easily add numbers to your block list, and Truecaller will automatically block those incoming calls and messages and make you save lots of time. Spend time on what matters and nothing else.
  • Spam: Thanks to the Truecaller database technology and a community of over 300 million users, Truecaller will automatically detect robocalls, telemarketers, scams, fraud, harassment, and more. Additionally, you can consult spam statistics to learn more about their calling patterns.
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  • Messaging: Truecaller combines SMS & Chat to get the best of both worlds. You can also create group chats and invite up to 25 people to share text and audio messages, videos, photos, and files. Thanks to Smart SMS, all your conversations will be categorized into 4 categories, including Personal, Important, Business, and Spam. Last but not least, the app will place all your flagged and filtered spam SMS in a separate inbox.
  • Interface: Truecaller features a modern, well-designed, and easy-to-use interface. And the cherry on top, you can choose between a light and dark theme.
  • More: A large amount of more specific features is available if you pay for it, like advanced spam blocking parameters, the ability to consult who viewed your profile, incognito mode, unlimited contact requests, ghost calls, gold support, and more.
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How to use Truecaller?

  1. In Truecaller, you can go to the Home tab and consult the different categories of calls and messages. Then, swipe right or left to switch to other categories.
  2. You can also click on the text or call button to start messaging or calling one of your contacts.
  3. Go to the Contacts section to consult and manage all your contacts.
  4. Go to the Blocking section to consult and manage your block list.
  5. You can also consult the knowledge base.

Is it free?

Yes, Truecaller is free to use, but it also offers Premium and Gold plans that allow you to take advantage of all the features and get rid of ads.

Is it safe?

Truecaller has been criticized for the way they use user data. In 2017, the company faced accusations of exposing over 100 million Android devices to phishing attacks by exploiting a vulnerability in the app. It has also been accused of going overboard in collecting user information (remember that this app obtains sensitive data from your phone, such as all the numbers in your phone book). Even so, Truecaller remains one of the most popular call blockers on the market.

The company claims that to inform users of the identity of senders, it needs to know which number belongs to which person or company, and they can only do this by comparing information from different devices. Even so, Truecaller assures you that it will never make your data public or sell it to third parties.