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  • Developer Rahul Patel
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Aurora Store is an application installer that offers an excellent alternative for those who can't or don't want to deal with Google Play Store. Aurora Store offers high-quality app features and has been designed to be transparent, customizable, and powerful.

What are the key features of Aurora Store?

  • A customizable interface: Aurora fully empowers you and provides various customization options. You will be able to tweak the app to fit your own aesthetic needs. You can even automatically switch between Light & Dark themes so that no one gets blinded. In a few words, Aurora offers a new and more modern visual design.
  • Powerful search engine: You can easily find the apps you want and filter by types like games, sports, and more. You can also consult the top applications to see which ones are the most popular.
  • Intuitive interface: You can quickly access all the menus you need. Just click on the top left to access your accounts, the app settings, all your downloads, and everything else. Moreover, the Apps, Games, and Updates are on the main menu for quick access.
  • Variety: You can download a wide variety of free and paid apps, as well as APKs apps files. Also, you have access to a section dedicated to apps on sale.
  • Handy synchronization: Aurora gives you the possibility to log in with your Google account and to retrieve the history of all apps you installed on other devices. You can then reinstall them on your new phone, even if they are paid apps (to which you will not have to re-subscribe). Note that the app also allows you to detect all the installed applications and update them right on Aurora Store.
  • Documented: It provides an in-app dedicated FAQ section to find answers to most of your questions right on the app.
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How to use Aurora Store?

Using Aurora Store is very intuitive as it stands as a reliable alternative to Google Store. Its developers extend and optimize it to make it more reliable and performant.

The installation process is quite simple. It will ask you to grant some access to make sure the app works properly, select the app theme, and choose the installer (Session Installer for Android 5.0+, Native Installer for Android running below version 4.4, etc.). The installer is an important part as it varies depending on your Android version.

Once downloaded and installed, you can log in using an email or a google account, or as an anonymous account, then you just need to search for applications you need just like you would do using Google Store. The app also allows you to access the update service of your installed applications directly.

How to install Aurora Store on your PC?

We provide you with both the Aurora Store APK file and the BlueStacks emulator that will allow you to run the application on your PC:

  1. Download and unzip the file containing both the Aurora Store APK and the BlueStacks emulator files.
  2. Follow the installation instructions you will find with the application file.

Is it free?

Aurora Store is totally free to download and use.

Is it safe?

It is a safe open source solution. No security issue has been reported, and no malware has been detected so far, so Aurora Store is safe. Moreover, Aurora claims to respect users’ privacy as Apps do not collect any sort of personal data and do not include any telemetry services or ads.

What are the advantages of Aurora Store over Google Play?

First, Aurora Store is a great alternative for people who have Android phones but do not or want or cannot use and install Google services like with Huawei devices. Moreover, you will find plenty of advantages over Google Play, including:

  • You do not need to create an account bound to some of your bank information. Aurora mainly offers you free apps anyway.
  • This is an open-source app that provides better User privacy and is less invasive as it does not collect personal information.
  • You can access some applications that are not available on Google Store.

The cons are that you cannot download Google’s applications, and some paid applications may not be available.

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