Is YouTube deliberately slowing down your computer if you use an adblocker?

Is YouTube deliberately slowing down your computer if you use an adblocker?

YouTube has found itself at the heart of another battle with ad-blockers, accused of deliberately slowing down video loading for users with Adblock.

Google has been fervently combating the widespread use of ad-blockers on YouTube, launching extensive campaigns to encourage users to abandon them and subscribe to YouTube Premium. Despite these efforts, users have found workarounds by installing alternative ad-blockers and switching browsers. The recent influx of user complaints on social media suggests a degraded experience for some, with significantly slowed video loading times and struggles with fullscreen and cinema modes, particularly for those using ad-blockers.

In November of the previous year, users on Firefox and Edge reported slowdowns while using YouTube. Google, at the time, clarified that users with ad-blockers might experience suboptimal viewing regardless of the browser used. Many adblocker users on Reddit initially believed they were facing internet connection or configuration issues. Upon disabling their ad-blocker, they discovered that the platform resumed normal functionality. Was it an intentional measure by Google, or a bug in Adblock causing the slowdowns?

In response to speculations of new anti-adblock measures, Google vehemently denied any involvement: "Recent reports of users experiencing loading delays on YouTube are not related to our anti-adblock detection efforts." Contrary to initial suspicions of an anti-adblock measure, it turns out that the reported slowdowns are attributed to a bug within the Adblock extension. The culprit was identified as the latest update of Adblock, and the issue was promptly addressed in version 1.1.2. Users are advised to update their extension to restore normal functionality.

If for whatever reason, updating your Adblock to the latest version doesn't resolve the slowing down issue, then there are a few alternative strategies that are available for you to use:

  1. Switch Browsers: Use YouTube on alternative browsers like Brave, known for its ad-blocking capabilities.
  2. Alternative Adblockers: Consider other ad-blocking extensions such as Adblocker for YouTube™ or uBlock Origin.
  3. Ad Duration Reduction Extensions: Download extensions that reduce the duration of ads on YouTube, providing a middle ground for users.

As YouTube continues its battle against ad-blockers, users are encouraged to stay informed about updates and alternatives to ensure an optimal viewing experience. It is likely that this won't be the last time that your YouTube viewing experience is negatively impacted by a reaction to adblockers.