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Can you remember what life was like before YouTube, with its crazy amount of videos and content? Since it arrived in 2005, the platform has become the largest online video-sharing platform on the web. In addition to music, YouTube offers tutorials on a huge variety of topics and entertainment galore.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an American online video-sharing and social media owned by Google and it remains one of the most visited websites worldwide. YouTube is a gigantic ecosystem where you can share (almost) any kind of content with people, build communities, create lives, and even start a business on it.

What are the key features of YouTube?

  • Enjoy millions of content: Subscribe to the channels of your favorite creators (artists, YouTubers, news channels, etc.) and you will be able to quickly see all the new content of your favorite channels on the “recommendations” section of the home page. While watching videos, you can create playlists to organize them by genre or theme. You can also visualize the list of all the videos you have liked.
  • Automatic captioning: YouTube uses speech recognition technology to generate captions for videos, allowing them to reach a wider audience. Keep in mind that the result may be not perfect due to voice signal noise, pronunciation, or accent. In any case, as a creator, you will still be able to override them by creating your own captions.
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  • Create content: You only need a Google account to upload a video to YouTube. If it is only for your family and friends, you can create your channel and set it as private or hidden. On the other hand, the platform also gives you the possibility to become a YouTuber and monetize your videos by publishing content regularly.
  • YouTube Studio: The new version of Creator Studio allows you to manage your channel, enable and disable comments, add tags, and keep track of the impact of your videos thanks to the platform's statistics.
  • Share videos: It is very easy to share your favorite video or your latest creation by clicking the dedicated Share button under each video. YouTube can be connected to Facebook, Twitter, Talk, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more. You will also find the Embed option to embed videos from the platform on your blog or website.
  • High-quality playback: Depending on the quality of the original video, you can choose among various display resolutions such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, HD (1080p and 1440p) and 4K (2160p) resolutions.
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How to install and use the YouTube app on your PC?

  1. Click on the download button at the top of this page.
  2. Then, click on the icon on the right side of the address bar, as shown in the image, and select Install.
  3. Instantly, the application window will open, and a shortcut will be created on your desktop so you can access YouTube without having to go to your browser.
  4. Once launched, you can connect your Google account to make sure your profile and habits are saved and can be synchronized no matter where you connect to YouTube.
  5. Then, you can start browsing the gigantic catalog of content, subscribe to channels, and post your own creations.
  6. If you need more info, you can also consult the official online guide.
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Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free to use, but it contains ads. You can also subscribe to one of the paid plans to live an ad-free experience.

Is it safe?

Yes, YouTube is safe, still, you can consult the privacy policy to check in-depth details.

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