The latest Fitbit update has rendered them completely unusable, and they're still not fixed

The latest Fitbit update has rendered them completely unusable, and they're still not fixed

Many Fitbit users are currently facing a worrying situation; a recent software update has left their devices completely unusable.

In the world of wearables, Fitbit, was one of the early pioneers of this technology, followed by Garmin and Apple with their respective products. Unfortunately, Fitbit has recently found itself at the center of a media storm after hundreds of users of the latest Fitbit are reporting it is now unusable.

After a recent software update, the Fitbit Charge 5, is becoming unstable and no longer working properly. The update was released in December 2023 and subsequently, the devices are being "broken", with customers unable to do anything to fix it. 

At first, this update was aimed at improving features that already existed on the Fitbit and fixing some bugs. Instead, the new version has create a number of problems for many users who are sharing their negative experiences on the Fitbit forums. One of the major issues with the device after the update is that the battery is draining far quicker than usual. With this rapid battery drain, these high-tech gadgets are being turned into useless weights after they run out of battery after several hours of use. 

An anonymous user, lamenting the inefficiency of his device since the update, told the BBC that he had no choice but to part with it, as the object is completely inoperable now. Dean, a user based in Essex, points to the update as the source of the problem, stating that his device, which had an impressive seven-day battery life before the update, is now unable to hold a charge. This news comes as issues with the battery life and pairing of the Fitbit Charge 5 were supposed to be resolved, according to the manufacturer.

Fitbit forums are filled with similar complaints, some dating back to this week. The problem: affected users say that customer service is non-existent and offers no solution other than buying a new Fitbit Charge 5. One of them has even asked Google to be more responsible, stating his intention to switch to the competition. Fitbit, acquired by Google in 2019 for $2.1 billion, was once a driving force in the wearables market. However, the rise of smartphone features has jeopardized this sector, and Fitbit's recent wave of layoffs seems to reflect these challenges." 

As of March 2024, the Fitbit Charge 5 is still experiencing these issues. Google released a statement saying that they We're still investigating this issue, but can confirm it is not due to the recent firmware update." Despite many customers claiming that it was only after installing the latest update that their devices starting having issues, Google is still recommending that users "continue to update their devices to the latest firmware and contact Fitbit Customer service at if they encounter any issues."