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CCleaner is a system-optimizing software that cleans users' computers to ensure their privacy. It can scan a system's hard drive, and then display a list of unnecessary files you may want to delete.

What are the key features of CCleaner?

  • Speed: One of CCleaner's main missions is to make your computer perform faster. This is possible because the software controls which apps use your computer resources at any given time.
  • Protection: With CCleaner, your privacy is protected. The software takes care of it by removing all the tracking files and browsing data, thus making your browsing experience freer.
  • PC Health Check: Your PC needs regular checkups, just like a human. This is why CCleaner performs automatic analysis, but it also fixes and tunes your PC's performance.
  • Up to date: CCleaner makes sure to stay up to date with your browsers. Depending on its version, these updates are performed automatically or manually.

How does CCleaner work?

Once a user chooses to delete the listed files, the software wipes clean temporary files, the history, cookies, super cookies, the autocomplete form history, indes.dat files, the recycle bin, the download history, recent documents, log files, error reporting, unused and old entries, ActiveX controls, and much more.

Is CCleaner free?

This is the CCleaner free download. You can download and use this version for free. Two paid Professional versions can be found on the publisher's website - their prices vary between $24.95 and $39.95.

Is CCleaner safe?

CCleaner was hacked at the end of 2017 and this made users doubt its safety. This has been a subject of controversy, especially when it comes to certain features, such as forced updates and active monitoring. Thus, we recommend reading all the relevant information before installing it.

Is Glary Utilities better than CCleaner?

There isn't much that separates these two pieces of software. Whilst Glary Utilities is slightly quicker than CCleaner, CCleaner arguably has a better user interface, making the experience more agreeable.

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