The latest articles by Yoann Noail

  • PluralEyes

    PluralEyes revolutionized video editing by introducing lightning-fast, precise audio sync when options were scarce. Now, its pioneering features are a staple in modern editing tools!

  • MelonLoader

    MelonLoader revolutionizes Unity game modding! It's your go-to for effortless mod installation and management, supporting a vast array of games. Enjoy real-time debugging, cross-platform compatibility, and a vibrant community. Dive into custom gaming experiences with ease and creativity. #GameModdingUnleashed

  • Super Smash Flash 2

    Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) is a fan-made fighting game inspired by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., developed by the Super Smash Flash 2 Team and McLeodGaming. It broadens its roster beyond Nintendo to include characters like Goku and Rayman, offering a diverse gameplay experience.

  • Bus Simulator 2023

    Drive, customize, and conquer the world in Bus Simulator 2023! Master realistic bus physics in global cities with diverse fleets. Whether in career, free-roam, or multiplayer, your journey to becoming the ultimate bus driver starts here. Get behind the wheel and let the adventure unfold!


    XAMPP, the cross-platform champion, simplifies website development with a single installer, offering a full suite beyond standard servers. It integrates server, database, and scripting engines, making deployment a breeze across any OS. Perfect for developers seeking an efficient, comprehensive environment.

  • WO Mic

    WO Mic turns your phone into a versatile wireless mic for your PC, free of cost! Perfect for gaming, recording, or chatting with minimal lag. It's easy to set up, automatically reconnects, and supports USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Join millions who've upgraded their audio experience!

  • Flappy Bird

    Flappy Bird, crafted in 2013 by Dong Nguyen, combines simplicity and challenge. In this side-scroller, guide a bird through tricky green pipes, striving for high scores. Its addictive gameplay and stark difficulty sparked widespread acclaim and debate.

  • Innocent Witches: download for PC / Mac / Android (APK)

    Innocent Witches is a captivating adult game that takes you on a thrilling journey from obscurity to dark power. As Marcus Redblack, the heir of Tom Riddle, you'll unravel the secrets hidden beneath the robes of seemingly innocent witches. With magic, lust, and intrigue, this game offers a unique, alluring twist on the classic wizarding world.

  • Download Angry Birds Epic: PC / Android (APK)

    Angry Birds Epic is a free-to-play RPG video game in the Angry Birds series. This time, you will fight in turn-based combats, combining your birds' unique abilities and classes to defeat all those pigs and bosses.

  • Scratchin' Melodii

    Scratchin' Melodii is an independent music game developed and published by LJ LephemStar. Although it is still in development, it already features some challenging levels and tracks. This game does not only focus on rhythm but also offers a unique storyline.