• 1st Mass Mailer is an email client that allows you to send emails in bulk. It seems that this software is no longer supported by the publisher. This page is kept for informative purposes. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Gmail is the Google email solution that allows you to send and receive emails instantly, keep your inbox safe and organize your emails to save time. It also offers lots of features... License : Freeware | OS : Windows/macOS, Android, iOS
  • Developed by IncrediMail Ltd, this mail manager surely helps you to put order in your mail box. IncrediMail 2.5 is easy to use and features all tools you required for a basic mail client. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook keeps being one of the preferred email clients among millions of users around the globe. Its modern interface allows you to simultaneously manage multiple accounts... License : Demo | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Outlook Duplicate Item Remover (ODIR) is, as its name suggests, a piece of software created to remove duplicated items in Outlook Express. That kind of task can be performed quickly... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • With the installation of Microsoft Outlook Connector on your PC, you will have the opportunity to access to Windows Live Hotmail or Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Windows Live Mail is a compact and reliable email client that manages to offer all the features you need to write and receive emails and organize your meetings and contacts. Even if... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • With Winmail.dat Explorer you can open 'winmail dat' (winmail.dat) attachments. It also allows the user to access the content, whether it is RTF text or attached files. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
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Instant messaging

  • License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Omegle is a video chat application for communicating with complete strangers. It offers private rooms to connect with millions of people around the world. License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Snapchat has been a pioneer and is still one of the most used apps among social media and online communities. Featuring groundbreaking filters, face recognition tools, and augmented... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android, iOS
  • Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service known worldwide for being straightforward, fast, and secure. You can send messages, photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, make calls and video... License : Open Source | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Portable, Linux
  • WAMR is a pretty handy app that will help you automatically save all the messages and media content you receive. Never lose anything, and even consult messages people deleted. License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • WhatsApp is the application you can't miss out on when looking for an instant-messaging service, as it's one of the most used apps in this category worldwide. License : Freeware | OS : Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
  • WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging application created by WhatsApp to allow people who have two sets of contacts, usually one personal and one professional, to have an application... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android, iOS
  • Discontinued in 2018, Yahoo! Messenger was an instant messaging app by Yahoo! that provided innovative messaging and file sharing features. License : Freeware | OS : Windows, macOS, Android
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  • CallApp is a free service that is designed to show you the identity of who is calling you, even if you do not have their number registered in your contacts. It can also be used to record... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Xnews is a reader of newsgroups (protocol NNTP), complete, totally compatible with the GNKSA 2.0 (Good Net Keeping Seal of Approval) standard. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
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Social media

  • BeReal is a simple yet groundbreaking social media app where you can share once a day, always at a different time, a photo and a selfie of your life with your friends or the world.... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android, iOS
  • Clubhouse stands as a pioneer of social audio platforms where people can talk and share content in a new way. Join the club and go online anytime to chat with the people you follow,... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android, iOS
  • MX TakaTak is a social media platform born and made in India. The app was developed by MX Media Entertainment and launched in July 2019 as a Social Media Channel to create and share... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Pinterest is a gigantic social network that focuses on images and visual content. This vast and diversified virtual pinboard lets you share and pin photos or illustrations, explore,... License : Freeware | OS : Android, Windows
  • ReShare Story for Instagram is an app for iPhone and iPad that lets you manage, download, and share content on Instagram. License : Freeware | OS : iOS
  • Founded in 2013, Rumble is a video platform where creators battle against each other with their best videos. Users on Rumble can quickly browse through the available videos by swiping.... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • As part of the social platform TikTok, TikTok Now lets you share authentic moments with your friends and people worldwide. Every day, you'll have the opportunity to post a real-time... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android, iOS
  • One of the most used social media worldwide, Twitter allows users to build communities, share ideas and opinions, and inform themselves on virtually any subject. It has been designed... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android, iOS
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Video calls

  • Dialpad is a full-featured business communications platform that enables you to make calls, support customers via chats and video calls, and organize work meetings with multiple participants. License : Commercial | OS : Windows
  • With FaceTime for Mac, users can benefit from live discussions on an iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac with a built-in camera. It is a free and very handy video conferencing tool for Mac and... License : Shareware | OS : macOS
  • Google Duo is the well-known cross-platform audio and video call app that was originally an alternative to FaceTime. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and featuring everything you... License : Freeware | OS : Windows/macOS, Android, iOS
  • Google Meet (formerly known as Hangouts Meet) is a high-quality video conferencing solution. It features an intuitive and fast interface ideal for organizing meetings remotely with... License : Freeware | OS : Windows/macOS, Android, iOS
  • If you are looking for a handy application to organize your video conferences and make calls from wherever you are, GoToMeeting could be a great solution. GoToMeeting is a program designed... License : Commercial | OS : Windows
  • imo lets you make free video calls and chats, and you can participate in free video, voice, and group calls with your loved ones. License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Skype is a telecommunication app that offers video calls and text messaging. It was developed by Skype Technologies and initially released in August 2003. Skype is one of the most famous... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
  • Zoom (also known as Zoom Cloud Meetings) is a cross-platform, cloud video conferencing tool. It allows users to remotely connect via PC or phone and participate in video conferences,... License : Freeware | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome extension
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Voice chats

  • Discord is a cross-platform messaging app created specifically for gamers, but now it's perfect for anyone. It allows you to meet up with your friends online on dedicated servers, see... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Without Multi Skype Launcher launching two separate Skype accounts from one device simultaneously is not possible. This software enables you to launch two or several Skype accounts... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Mumble is a VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) application mainly meant for voice chats during those long gaming sessions with your friends. Released in 2005, Mumble is still extremely... License : Open Source | OS : Windows
  • It seems that the publisher's website is closed. Thus, even though the version linked to this page is one of the the latest to exist, it may no longer work on your computer, or run... License : Open Source | OS : Windows
  • TeamSpeak is a voice chat server, that allows you to communicate with a number of people simultaneously. Like discord, it is popular with online gamers and streamers who want to discuss... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • How often do you receive promotional calls from various numbers? It can sometimes be very annoying and even dangerous if fraudsters are on the other end of the wire. Luckily, the WhoCalls... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Zello is a push-to-talk (PTT) app that turns your cell phone into a walkie-talkie. Developed by Zello Inc., the service has a community of millions of users. License : Freeware | OS : Windows, Android
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