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  • Developer SergeyVS
  • Version 0.5.0 b12.8.9
  • License Freeware
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SimpleTV is one of the best applications for viewing TV channels from all over the world. Carefully developed over the years, it provides a great environment to enjoy unlimited TV channels right from your device.

What is SimpleTV?

SimpleTV is an IPTV media player, a service that provides a fully-featured environment to watch TV content on your computer. Compared to many similar solutions, SimpleTV offers a simple ecosystem, an intuitive interface, and tons of content through a large panel of channels.

What are the key features of SimpleTV?

  • IPTV player: You will be able to watch tons of TV channels from all over the world comfortably seated and only using your Internet connection. The best part is that you don't need to subscribe to any service.
  • Playlist management: Indeed, you have full control to create your own playlist, import current channel lists as an M3U playlist, and share and download playlists created by other users. Besides, you can even edit data on individual streams.
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  • Record streams: You can record the broadcast of your favorite programs via streaming but also play local video media.
  • Wide range of tools: SimpleTV also offers full support for subtitles, keyboard shortcuts, PC power options, parental control, and much more.
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  • Flexible interface: The UI is functional and widely customizable, as you can change and manage channels the way you like.
  • Portable: It is a lightweight and non-intrusive portable application compatible with USB sticks, so you can easily carry it wherever you go.

How to install SimpleTV?

This is a standalone app, so no installation is required. Still, follow the process described below.

  1. Download the SimpleTV solution we provide, and unzip the folder. You will find the application launcher.
  2. Launch SimpleTV, and you are ready to enjoy an infinite amount of TV content.

How to use SimpleTV?

When you launch the app for the first time, you'll be greeted by a user-friendly interface. The central area is dedicated to multimedia playback, and controls are positioned on the lower part. At the top, there's a series of dropdown menus, including File, Control, Playlist, Record, Options, View, EPG, Power, Subtitle, Video, Audio, Tools, Help, and Additional, providing easy access to all of the app's customization features.

Is SimpleTV free?

SimpleTV is a free IPTV player that requires no registration or subscription.

Is SimpleTV safe?

SimpleTV is a safe application as long as you download it from reliable sources. This also applies to downloading channel lists.