MyMobiler free for PC

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  • Developer mymobiler
  • Version 1.25
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Getting access to the screen of the Windows terminal from a computer is now possible thanks to the creation of the software MyMobiler. It also allows total control over the device.

Disclaimer: it seems that the software hasn't been updated for several years, thus it may not work on your computer, ro run with recurring error messages. We recommend you to consider using alternative softwares.

What are the key features of MyMobiler?

  • The user can see on the computer what is displayed on the device screen by using the mouse and keyboard via ActiveSync or Wi-Fi network.
  • It can type text from the PC and have it on the device. By using MyMobiler, it is possible to make an image copy of what appears on the screen of Windows Mobile from the PC.
  • The software is also integrated with an option for video capturing. This program offers the user the possibility to exchange data between the mobile device and the PC, which is highly secured. They can be photos, videos or music files.
  • Another feature of MyMobiler is its ability to copy, cut and paste texts between the two devices. It also allows the user to rotate of the display on the PC and zoom it.

Is it free?

The download of MyMobiler is completely free of charge.