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  • How to change Calendar settings on Mac

    Even if you use the Mac built-in Calendar app, you might not be aware of the extent of its customization. You can turn on and off the time zone support, enable or disable the display of week numbers, create reminders, as well as link it to your email accounts to keep all your activities organized. This article will guide you through the necessary steps to customize your Calendar app.

  • The most fascinating AI-powered apps: ChatGPT, Lensa, DALL-E

    Are you excited about the new technology coming into our daily lives? Or are you more scared than fascinated by it? Well, like in the movie "Her", AI technology is already here and it's hard to avoid it completely. In this article, we discover the top AI-powered apps and services that change our world for better or for worse. Read more about ChatGPT, Lensa, DALL-E 2, Youper, and OthersideAI.

  • Recover a draft email on iPhone: not saved, dissappeared

    If you use the Mail app on your iPhone, you might sometimes not finish the message you started to write on the go. If so, don't worry, it's not lost, it's probably saved in the Drafts folder. Read this article to discover how to find and recover your drafts.

  • Google One

    Google One is the app created specifically for mobile phones and tablets to back up and store important files on the cloud. With it, you can use up to 15GB for free or subscribe to more storage space and protect all your photos, videos, documents, and audio recordings. In case you lose or break your phone, all the data will be saved safely on Google cloud.