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Disclaimer: The Open Workbench software has not been updated since January 2011. However, you can find other free Microsoft Project alternatives in this article.

Open Workbench is a free software similar to Microsoft Project that helps users to manage working groups and teams, optimize tasks and timetables and organize the workflow harmoniously.

Key Features

  • Project Planning: Open Workbench can create project structure plans including activities, tasks and milestones. The software also demonstrates dependencies in the project and manages them. When projects become bigger, Open Workbench can create sub-projects and links to the main project.
  • Resource management: The program is also used for the management of human resources. The application determines resources such as employees, equipment, materials or costs. It also assigns team members to work on tasks and defines the allocation of resources.
  • Project Process-Plan: The Auto-plan function helps to organize a decision maker schedule and optimize tasks. Moreover, Open Workbench automatically calculates the critical path and estimates the feasibility of the project.
  • Project Control: Thanks to the different reports where status and percentages are clearly represented, you can get better control of the project. It also presents the Gantt Chart that illustrates a project scheduled by defining the tasks and the timeline.

Is It Free?

<niv1<Open Workbench is completely free of charge.