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GLPI is an ITSM software designed by Indepnet Association in order to help you plan and manage IT changes in an easy way, solve problems efficiently and allow you to gain legitimate control over your company's IT budget, and expenses.

What are the key features of GLPI?

  • Management: with this program, you can keep track of the complete lifecycle of your IT assets, manage their obsolescence, and gain the real-time status of your software and licenses.
  • Automated inventory: with this tool you can automate your IT inventory and keep track of any asset, software, hardware or any update that needs to be performed.
  • Fast: GLPI saves your time as everything can be done online (online orders, inventory, expendable or non-expendable supplies and even human resources), there is no need to send letters and wait for the reply that may take longer than expected and results in delay.

Is it free?

Yes, GLPI is free to use. 

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