.MP4 Video Uploaded to TikTok through Canva sound looping

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I'm hoping someone here might have a good answer for me! I made a TikTok using all of Canva Pro's features including audio that I had trimmed down. When I downloaded it from Canva it was fine and when I replayed it on my desktop it was fine. When I uploaded it to TikTok, instead of the original music I had trimmed stopping so that you could hear the audio on the clips it looped my original selection and kept playing it under the videos that I had edited audio out of on Canva Pro. I thought since I used their templates for TikTok, did everything through them, downloaded it to .mp4 I would be fine. Is this a common problem with Canva Pro TikTok?

My work around was really disappointing compared to what I originally did. I had TikTok audio put in, but I couldn't find the fade audio option anywhere and my app is totally up to date. My iOS is also currently up to date.

Thanks for any thoughts, I am totally new at this so I'm just looking for where I went wrong!

Macintosh / Safari 15.4