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  • psn network issue code CE-42288-4dust

    Hello, having an issue trying to sign in psn it dont even give me chance to sign in just pops up CE-42288-4 and just got fortnite battlepass and los...

    dustkellie2012 | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: Tombstone115 Jun 30
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  • I need to find a game for fun Solved

    Hello, Recently I have free time so I am looking for a game to entertain. Can anyone introduce me?

    MattHansen | Video Games | Latest reply: elisejordan Jun 22
    9 replies
  • Any auto clicker for Xbox One? Solved

    Has anyone found an auto clicker for xbox one? I’m a big fan of idle games but too impatient to play them without an auto clicker

  • GTA 5 failed initialization err_gfx_d3d_init

    Hello, I am getting an error when I launch the Game Grand Theft Auto V from Epic Games Launcher (GTA 5 failed initialization err_gfx_d3d_init) . ...

    Zohaib | GTA | Latest reply: Jihe Jun 18
    1 reply
  • help me cannot find code_pre_gfx

    Hello, cannot find code_pre_gfx

    mahmoud | Video Games | Latest reply: Gtip_8062 Jun 17
    1 reply
  • Fps problem in Counter Strike

    Hello, j downloaded and installed counter strike 1.5 version from this website -, because j have a very weak pc and no graphic card on the w...

  • Aim trainer

    What aim trainer does tend use?

    honeysingh2323 | Video Games | Latest reply: honeysingh2323 Jun 13
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  • Who else think 2022 and so on is massive for gaming

    don't you think the year 2020 and 2021 gave gaming industry a boom? Everyone went into quarantine and it helped the gaming industry a lot. the future ...

    alfredgalatos00 | Video Games | Latest reply: alfredgalatos00 May 28
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  • Bro I have some problems and I was playing fortnite only

    Hello, I have same problem my ps4 controller triangl button store working after playing fortnite

    Fortniteop | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: Fortniteop May 27
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  • free fire id suspend my account

    Hi, My Free Fire ID is suspended. Please help!

    jobairislam | Free Fire | Latest reply: jobairislam May 20
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  • Cannot run Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012

    Hello, I cant run need for speed most wanted 2012 in my pc, it gives the error "windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may no...

    AlexManson | Video Games | Latest reply: AlexManson May 04
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  • cs 1.6 issue : just an image and scrolling sounds Closed

    Hello everyone , as you saw on the title , i ve got this annoying issue that i couldnt fix i watched alot of videos on yt and asked many of my friend...

  • Gta iv

    Hello, When I install gta iv and after is almost 98% cross Installation automatically stop and say Windows cannot find visit nosteam formus P...

    Ada | GTA | Latest reply: evareed Apr 22
    1 reply
  • Hi free fire my id ban Solved/Closed

    My ID was suspended while playing the game, I did not do anything wrong and I'm sure I followed your code of conduct and I'm sure you mistakenly suspe...

    Adriano | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 21
    1 reply
  • Free Fire ID suspended Solved/Closed

    Hello, TEAM FREE FIRE INDIA, My ID Was suspended When I Was Playing The Game, I Haven't Done Anything Wrong And I Am Sure That I Have Followed Your R...

    Dipendra | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 10
    1 reply
  • howw to explain my gaming idea

    i have a intesresting game idea where it can make loud noise in inidia but where to contact

    narendra | Video Games | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 09
    1 reply
  • Cache_TryAlloc: 8500448 is greater then free hunk help Closed

    Hello I have a small problem with my cs 1.6 is an error that appears to me is "Cache_TryAlloc: 8500448 is greater then free hunk" It's annoying becaus...

    Idk_What_nam... | Video Games | Latest reply: billel Apr 08
    1 reply
  • When international matches will start for free fire?

    Hello, I want to know when free fire will start their international matches.

    ramjishukla | Free Fire | Latest reply: ramjishukla Apr 06
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  • Buying ranked accounts for CSGO is good or not? Solved

    I listened from many people that ranked accounts helps us a lot. Do they are safe or not?

    ramjishukla | Counter Strike | Latest reply: ramjishukla Apr 06
    2 replies
  • What next ?

    Hello, I've run through the process you described several times . I'm trying to install MLB 16 The Show on my PS3 . It loads to 61% in file 4 /4 and...

    Kev61 | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: Kev61 Mar 29
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  • PS3 Not showing on my TV

    I plugged the components onto my TV but no matter what I do it does not worked. I have tried HDMI already. Is my PS3 just to old?

    APlaystationGuy | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: ramisthand76 Mar 26
    1 reply
  • ps3 gives 2 different errors

    Hello, I recently plugged back in my ps3 for my old games and since I got a new wifi box I had to reconnect. When I try reconnecting with easy and s...

    yojji | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: yojji Mar 23
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  • Danny

    Please is it only two times you can upgrade your house because I've been playing the game for quite a long time now and its only two times I've been t...

    Danny | The Sims | Latest reply: Danny Mar 05
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  • My Account Gauchan, your account has been locked We saw unus

    Gauchan, your account has been locked We saw unusual activity on your account. This may mean that someone has used your account without your knowledg...

    GauchanAman | Free Fire | Latest reply: Simran Feb 17
    1 reply
  • My free fire ID change Solved/Closed

    Hello, My Facebook Free Fire ID change . Facebook to Google please accept my ID

    Predeepprethi | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 16
    1 reply
  • TEAM FREE FIRE Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have not done anything wrong and i'm sure I have followed your rules of conduct and you have Suspended my account for not any valid reas...

    LUCKY | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 16
    1 reply
  • My ps3 won't connect to Samsung crystal

    Hello everybody I've been trying to connect my ps3 to my Samsung crystal uhd and it has not picture basicly when I go and press Sony connected to my p...

    Help. | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: Priya_Jain Feb 12
    2 replies
  • Free fire account suspended Solved/Closed

    Hello, sir my account is suspended in free fire do to some application plz plz sir unlock my account I am student my lavel is 59 and make videos f...

    Abass | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 11
    1 reply
  • Sir please unsuspend my account

    Hello TEAM FREE FIRE I have not done anything wrong and i'm sure I have followed your rules of conduct and you have Suspended my account for not...

    Kashif | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 04
    1 reply
  • Need help with app

    Hi Every time when i am opening the game, in middle of the processing, it kicks me out back to my home screen on my phone. After 4 to 5 attempts ...

    FilembarEliJ... | Clash of Clans | Latest reply: FilembarEliJeevan Feb 04
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  • My id Please unban

    I have not done anything wrong and I m sure I have followed your rules of conduct and you have suspended my account for not any valid reason please ba...

    Hacker | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 02
    1 reply
  • Need help in supercell

    Hi So I have a th9 with my old email that I don’t have anymore and I sent a request to change it through in game support last Friday and no one has a...

    DennisSebasi... | Clash of Clans | Latest reply: DennisSebasiStephen Jan 26
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  • Recover Clash of Clans account

    Hi, I forgot my Gmail and password and I have no information other than the game tag and game development date. How can I access my game?

  • Need a new game to play Solved/Closed

    Hi I want to find a really good story game (or at least a game with a good campaign) that I can play on my PC. If not a story game then something chi...

    BettyRejoyNo... | PC Games | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 19
    1 reply
  • Transfer my account, Facebook account to Google account

    Hello, Sir, My Facebook account was locked My Facebook account uses my free fire game playing I'm transferring my game account, Facebook accou...

    Amithalder1234 | Free Fire | Latest reply: Amithalder1234 Jan 17
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  • My account has been locked and is not getting unlocked. Beca

    Hello, My account has been locked and is not getting unlocked. Because the option of learn more is coming in place of get started. Request you to chec...

    Asmar | Free Fire | Latest reply: Asmar Jan 17
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  • BISO

    My account is hacked I am really sorry please properly login my facebook account

    Rahulbhagat | Video Games | Latest reply: Rahulbhagat Jan 15
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  • Call of duty 4 Gamefonts_Pc error

    Hello, Just Downloaded Call of duty 4 And I wanted to play singleplayer but whenever I try to open it my screen goes black and an error sound comes ...

    ZAxster | Call Of Duty | Latest reply: Gamer Jan 10
    1 reply
  • Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you

    Hello, Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you

    Mon | Free Fire | Latest reply: Mon Jan 10
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  • Cyberpunk PS4 Issues

    Hey guys, I'm facing a few issues while playing Cyberpunk on my PS4 Pro. The frame rate of the game keeps dropping suddenly. I have followed the g...

    TaylorE10 | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: TaylorE10 Jan 10
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  • I cannot play rank rank matches in my free fire account

    Hi, I am unable to play rank matches on my freefire account is ther any way you could help resolve this issue please

    Ljayy | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 10
    1 reply
  • 1111111111

    Hello, Google to Facebook account transfer

    Batman149280 | Free Fire | Latest reply: Batman149280 Dec 31, 2021
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  • Disabled Facebook free fire account transfer

    Hello, Currently I can't play free fire because my Facebook account has been disabled. As per attached screen shot. Please change my Free fire faceb...

    KabirKhan | Free Fire | Latest reply: Kenken Dec 30, 2021
    2 replies
  • Ps3 wwe17

    Hi, Why is my ps3 wwe17 not working?

    Seye01 | PS3/PS4 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 28, 2021
    1 reply
  • Call of Duty Warzone Green Menu Flicker

    Hello, I recently installed the Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Update. When the game loads to the main menu there is occasionally a split second gree...

    GeneralHiggs | Call Of Duty | Latest reply: GeneralHiggs Dec 23, 2021
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  • Please unlocked My account

    Hello, sir My account has been locked and is not getting unlocked please my account unlocked ????

    Raju | Free Fire | Latest reply: Raju Dec 19, 2021
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  • my roblox is blocked

    how to unblock roblox from a ioss cyber security

    ... | Video Games | Latest reply: ... Dec 18, 2021
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  • Can you get Counter Strike 1.6 for Free ? Solved

    Can I download counter-strike 1.6 for free ? I found this website - REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS Does counter-strike 1.6 is free to download ?

    Fenomen | Counter Strike | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 17, 2021
    1 reply
  • Warzone message

    Hello, I also have this issue but my pc can handle 4000x2000 at least on graphics and only use half card, why does this message appear every time i...

    Councilor9166 | Call Of Duty | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 16, 2021
    1 reply
  • Transfer my Free Fire guest account to Facebook Solved/Closed

    Hi, I would like to transfer my free fire guest account to my Facebook account.

    Erica | Free Fire | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 14, 2021
    1 reply