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  • .MP4 Video Uploaded to TikTok through Canva sound looping

    Hello, I'm hoping someone here might have a good answer for me! I made a TikTok using all of Canva Pro's features including audio that I had trimmed ...

    kellylou | Latest reply: kellylou May 24
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  • How to reach my TikTok audience target ?

    Hello, I'm trying to reach a French audience for my tiktok account but i live in an other country. Unfortunately my contents only reach the local au...

    Johann | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 17
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  • How to unlink my Tiktok account from Tiktok for Business ? Solved/Closed

    Hello, Good morning ! A few week ago, I made the mistake of upgrading my Tiktok account to Tiktok for business. Now I would like to separate the t...

    JackJack | Latest reply: ChelleP May 16
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  • Tik tok contact

    Hi, sorry if I’m posting this on wrong place. I have a tik tok question. I was wondering if anyone knew why some of my contacts isn’t showing up as my...

    Saxa_8349 | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 14
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  • TikTok logged me out

    Hello, Yesterday TikTok logged me out of my account. I tried logging back in with the password Ive had for the past 9 years and it said it was the wr...

    issybeansause | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 14
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  • How i can get more likes and view on my tiktok account? Solved

    Hello,  I create a new tiktok account. How i can get more likes and views on my account. Any hint?

    Abid_Qureshi | Latest reply: Moxxley May 05
    3 replies
  • Tik tok account suspended Solved

    Hello, I can't connect to Tiktok it says "your account is currently suspended" I sent emails, contacted them on twitter do "share your comments" but ...

    Icantconnect... | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 01
    5 replies
  • Would clicking "add to favorites" damage the other profiles?

    Hello, I have used Tiktok for 3 years without upload any video. I have used Tiktok like YouTube such as watching videos and follow accounts without a...

    Kurtkapani | Latest reply: Kurtkapani Apr 25
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  • Viewing previously viewed videos on TikTok

    Hello, If I viewed a members account before they went  private am I able to recall the images and videos from my internal storage cache. I have used b...

    Jbauer | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 25
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  • Can't upload my work on the Tiktok webside

    Hello, Thank God that I found this forum. I'm usually used to using my computer and posting my work on Tiktok (www.tiktok.com) on the web side, but ...

    Monty | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 19
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  • Video help

    Hello,hi , hola , please could you tell me how to upload an Apple music track to a tik Tok video business account . Tia 

    Ashleyandlau... | Latest reply: Ashleyandlaurenn Apr 16
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  • Should I delete my TikTok account and start over?

    Hi I’ve had an account for about a month.  I have just over 1000 followers and 43 videos.  None have more than a few hundred views, lots of the fist ...

    Frznrth | Latest reply: najaf123 Apr 06
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  • Date and time implementation

    Will there be an update such as an implementation of dates to be shown for every video/Toks on the For You Page?

    lean_fayg0__fr | Latest reply: lean_fayg0__fr Mar 17
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  • Which phone are u guys using for dual live cam ?

    Hello, I can't use the dual cam live function, cause my Samsung s22 ultra dosnt support that function. idk why.. As far as i know , tiktok dual cam...

    loader_mac | Latest reply: loader_mac Mar 12
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  • Im trying to schedule videos for tiktok

    Hello, I really want to schedule my videos according to a content calendar, the problem is that tiktok only lets you schedule for 10 days in advance,...

    Flickonz | Latest reply: Flickonz Mar 12
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  • Only few followers the last weeks, but Views/Like rating ok

    Hello, in the last two weeks my Tiktok account had a massive number of new follower reduction to 1-2 per day, before it was 20-30 per day, the videos...

    f1rampante | Latest reply: f1rampante Mar 12
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  • TikTok video quality issue

    Hi, I'm trying to get some advice on posting high quality TikTok videos. After I post HD 1080 (30/60FPS) videos on TikTok, the quality diminishes. I ...

    chillaxmeguy | Latest reply: chillaxmeguy Mar 05
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  • Posting non original/“public” videos on TikTok? Solved

    Hello I’m new to trying to post to TikTok   I’d like to upload royalty free (no copyright concerns) videos with the hopes of building enough of a foll...

    Frznrth | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 28
    1 reply
  • Anyway to automate uploading?

    Hello, I was just curious as if there was any way to automate uploading DIRECTLY from a script, as opposed to the official TikTok API which will allo...

    popbob | Latest reply: popbob Feb 09
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  • Thumbnail with video treatment made in tik tok

    Hello, When Posting a video, Tik Tok asks you if you which frame to use as a thumbnail. But when I go to select the frame I'd like to use, it doesn't...

    User42 | Latest reply: AdemVincen Feb 06
    3 replies
  • Tiktok isn’t showing where all my views are coming from

    Hello, I have one tiktok uploaded that keeps getting views but very few likes, it’s at 6000 something views and going on 7000, but only 35 likes. Whi...

    Ty | Latest reply: MagicInTechs Feb 03
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  • Can't like or follow

    Hello, I have 2 tiktok accounts. For the 1 on my laptop I am now unable to like or follow users. The like counter goes up by 1 but then reverts to th...

    richardcrani... | Latest reply: richardcranium50 Feb 02
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  • how to promote my music w Tiktok Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm new to Tiktok and want to promote my music and videos, which have a website: thespycats.com However, being new and with no guidance, all...

    jason.chase | Latest reply: EdenDennis Feb 01
    2 replies
  • Tiktok is trying to make me fill out tax form for creator fund??!! Closed

    I’m currently trying to fill in my tax information in order to withdraw from the creator fund. First I had to fill in my name and then was redirected ...

    macoov | Latest reply: Evan Jan 29
    3 replies
  • TikTok Live Notifications Missing

    Hey everyone, I have some problems with the TikTok Live notifications. Im just not getting any, no matter what I do. I use TikTok on 2 different Accou...

    perling | Latest reply: perling Jan 05
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  • They removed my video but is still there

    Hello, Today I received a tiktok notification saying my video was removed because of it abusive behavior and they included a picture of my video. The...

    Alex | Latest reply: Alex Jan 03
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  • “Video resolution not currently supported” when I try to pos

    Hello, i make edits on capcut on my phone and whenever I go to post it on tiktok no matter what it tells me that “sorry, the video resolution is curr...

    ImaginetakingLs | Latest reply: ImaginetakingLs Dec 29, 2022
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  • No effects button on TikTok Live screen. Closed

    Hello, I was wondering why I don’t have an effects button when I go to make a live video. I have the latest version and a iPhone 12 Pro Max. I can see...

    Pokher366 | Latest reply: Serena Dec 29, 2022
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  • Where can i share my tik tok videos to gain views

    Hello, please what's the best site/forum to share tik tok or I.G videos to gain engagement ..Music niche 

    Matrixboi1 | Latest reply: Matrixboi1 Dec 24, 2022
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  • How i can promote my website over tiktok Solved

    Hi, I have created my new blog website for sharing the knowledge with engineering community. How i can promote it on tiktok?

    junaidansar1 | Latest reply: anawilliam850 Dec 22, 2022
    3 replies
  • Tik Tok question

    Hello, How can I switch between my 2 tiktok accounts on laptop?

    bthebestyouc... | Latest reply: bthebestyoucanbe Dec 21, 2022
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  • Fraud and Scam violations Solved

    Hello, I kept receiving Fraud and Scam violations on my videos But my video is roblox gaming and I kept reading the community guidelines about fraud ...

    jeff | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 8, 2022
    9 replies
  • Shadowban for the second time?

    Hello everyone!  I recently started my content journey with my danish profile called "Dyreriget" (meaning "The animal kingdom) a few months back and ...

    Sitelo | Latest reply: Beachscriber Dec 6, 2022
    1 reply
  • Help with TikTok upload video quality Solved

    Hello, I’m unable to find any solutions to my issue with video quality when uploading to TikTok. I have an iPhone 14 pro and I record videos in 4k ...

    Hekisna1873 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Nov 16, 2022
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  • Repost tiktok + little montage Solved

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to publish twitch clip OR part of a youtube video; with a streamer on it and with a montage that I do, o...

    bigwinducasino | Latest reply: HelpiOS Nov 1, 2022
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  • How do I enable(unlock) mobile gaming option for Live?

    Hello. I have 1K followers. I guess I saw a video where a guy said that mobile gaming option requires 2K followers.

    holdamax | Latest reply: holdamax Oct 24, 2022
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    Hello all, I wanna upload Tiktok videos by mobile phone and reach other countries (not including my country bc of products) like the US, Mexico, UK,....

    Unihair | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 21, 2022
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  • decription that changes itself

    Hello, i have a problem. I usually add a description to the videos i post, and for some reason the description started to change itself, so, let's s...

    Emanuele | Latest reply: Assassin125 Oct 10, 2022
    1 reply
  • Radio lives

    Hello, hello, I have a page on tiktok that is an online radio, and I have speakers spread across several countries, now that we are able to do lives,...

    Pedro | Latest reply: Pedro Sep 23, 2022
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  • Unauthorized access

    Hi, I hope I have come to the right place to ask a few questions. I have a channel on tiktok that has recently exploded with attention. I have also be...

    Redbungee | Latest reply: Redbungee Sep 7, 2022
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  • Tiktok ads declined

    Hello, Yesterday i Used tiktok ad program on Some of my Videos. They stopped after i woke up. They should be running 4days. Total i wanted to Start...

    Dontwannaad | Latest reply: Dontwannaad Aug 31, 2022
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  • Program or scripts for tik tok

    hello, maybe someone knows a program or scripts for tik tok so that broadcasts are not blocked often. Because they are blocked for nudity for no reaso...

    kingnl1 | Latest reply: kingnl1 Aug 24, 2022
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  • How to see Just Watched videos of someone on tiktok?

    Hello, I want to see the videos that I watched of a specific account. I know that there is a way that lets me see all the watched videos, but I only ...

    happydz48 | Latest reply: happydz48 Aug 20, 2022
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  • I want to link my site with tiktok, how can I do that?

    Hello, Hope you all are doing well. I have recently made a site of my own and I want to link it with TikTok so can I do that or can anyone help me to ...

    maizgulfam | Latest reply: maizgulfam Aug 20, 2022
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  • Videos via direct messaging

    Hi,   I'm sometimes sent videos via my DMs. I use a desktop pc to access TikTok and can't see how I can send videos this way myself.  any ideas please...

    boffin0 | Latest reply: boffin0 Aug 14, 2022
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  • Blocked users Closed

    Hello, Hey is there a glitch with the Tiktok user block feature. I know I'm blocked by a user but sometimes when I search the user name thier video...

    Justwondering | Latest reply: Ak Aug 11, 2022
    7 replies
  • Using external microphone with TikTok on Android

    Hello, I have an external microphone connected to my android smartphone. It seems that TikTok is not using the external microphone for recordings cor...

    relger | Latest reply: relger Aug 11, 2022
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  • TikTok via desktop - Ten minute upload not working Closed

    I access TikTok via my desktop. When I log on I get a popup stating I can upload 10 min videos but the upload box states 180seconds and I get an error...

    boffin0 | Latest reply: boffin0 Aug 11, 2022
    1 reply
  • TikTok English text-to-speech

    Hello, When I edit video and use text-to-speech, there’s no voice in English. There are only Japanese voices that don’t even pronounce words properly...

    eksaella | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 10, 2022
    3 replies
  • Tik Tok recharge and gifts temporarily unavailable Closed

    Hello, I have been blocked by TikTok every time I recharge my coins or send an expensive gift, like a lion or a rocket. I get the message recharge o...

    marcelochave... | Latest reply: Shorty Jul 27, 2022
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