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Genuinely, i have no idea what i'm doing with tiktok anymore

Genuinely, I have no idea what I'm doing with TikTok anymore. I'm trying everything and it's getting me nowhere. Even tried listening to "experts" and...

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What hashtags to use on tiktok?


Hello, Nothing I seem to try on TikTok is working, and I don't know what to do when it comes to the hashtags, whether to stick with niches or a broad...

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A silly question

Hello, I start a position in new company and they have an international account (ads account on tik tok) I asked for a permission to be an admin and ...

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Replay tiktok lives


Hello, how can i replay someone i follows live videos they have done

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Shadowban ip address on tiktok

Hello, i got shadow ban bcs i used VPN for US is there any chance to change i.p adress and start again?


Vpn and views problem

Hello, I’m in India now and there is TikTok banned. I’m using VPN and also tried different VPNs and different locations but now my videos only get li...

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I can’t log into tiktok with twitter

Everytime I try to log into TikTok using twitter it always says “Unable to authorize” but I tried using google and it worked?? I just can’t log into t...

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Recover tiktok account

Dear tiktok i forgot my tik tok email and password and i am unable to login in my tiktok please help me to get back my tiktok acount

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Where can i find this voice from tiktok?


Hello, I'm trying to find a men's voice being used from a text-to-speech on a lot of tiktok videos such as this one: LINK REMOVED Where can i find t...

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How to unlink my tiktok account from tiktok for business ?


Hello, Good morning ! A few week ago, I made the mistake of upgrading my Tiktok account to Tiktok for business. Now I would like to separate the t...

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Post not appearing on fyf - can you see any red flags?

I'm a bit lost as to why this particular post is not gaining views. Currently only 25. I've checked the viewers and they are all followers. I suspect ...

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Use an apple music track to a tiktok video


Hello, hi , hola , please could you tell me how to upload an Apple music track to a Tik Tok video business account . Tia 

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Tiktok scammers


Hello, wij is tiktok supporting the scammers I see many scammers there  Arabic dating scam with fake photos and tiktok says it's not against the rules...

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Would clicking "add to favorites" damage the other profiles?

Hello, I have used Tiktok for 3 years without upload any video. I have used Tiktok like YouTube such as watching videos and follow accounts without a...

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Keep getting "community guidelines violation"

Hello, Recently any video I upload is blocked for a few minutes with the message   "Community Guidelines Violation".  After a minute or two the video ...

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Tiktok suggests a contact that is not in my address book


hello, I have one question! Is it possible that tiktok made a mistake and for a person that I never had in my address book (I don’t even know her) and...

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Shadowban for the second time?

Hello everyone!  I recently started my content journey with my danish profile called "Dyreriget" (meaning "The animal kingdom) a few months back and ...

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Viral issue , no views ,no likes

I have put quality content on my TikTok account but my videos are not reaching upto 100 views you can check my account , The URL of my Account is ***....

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Help: tiktok views depleted completely

Hello, I run a company page and the views have drastically gone down from hundreds of thousands to a couple hundred per video regardless of the qualit...


.mp4 video uploaded to tiktok through canva sound looping

Hello, I'm hoping someone here might have a good answer for me! I made a TikTok using all of Canva Pro's features including audio that I had trimmed ...


How to reach my tiktok audience target ?


Hello, I'm trying to reach a French audience for my tiktok account but i live in an other country. Unfortunately my contents only reach the local au...

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Tik tok contact

Hi, sorry if I’m posting this on wrong place. I have a tik tok question. I was wondering if anyone knew why some of my contacts isn’t showing up as my...

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Tiktok logged me out

Hello, Yesterday TikTok logged me out of my account. I tried logging back in with the password Ive had for the past 9 years and it said it was the wr...

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How i can get more likes and view on my tiktok account?


Hello,  I create a new tiktok account. How i can get more likes and views on my account. Any hint?

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Tik tok account suspended


Hello, I can't connect to Tiktok it says "your account is currently suspended" I sent emails, contacted them on twitter do "share your comments" but ...

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Viewing previously viewed videos on tiktok

Hello, If I viewed a members account before they went  private am I able to recall the images and videos from my internal storage cache. I have used b...

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Can't upload my work on the tiktok webside

Hello, Thank God that I found this forum. I'm usually used to using my computer and posting my work on Tiktok ( on the web side, but ...

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Should i delete my tiktok account and start over?

Hi I’ve had an account for about a month.  I have just over 1000 followers and 43 videos.  None have more than a few hundred views, lots of the fist ...

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Posting non original/“public” videos on tiktok?


Hello I’m new to trying to post to TikTok   I’d like to upload royalty free (no copyright concerns) videos with the hopes of building enough of a foll...

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Thumbnail with video treatment made in tik tok

Hello, When Posting a video, Tik Tok asks you if you which frame to use as a thumbnail. But when I go to select the frame I'd like to use, it doesn't...

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Tiktok isn’t showing where all my views are coming from

Hello, I have one tiktok uploaded that keeps getting views but very few likes, it’s at 6000 something views and going on 7000, but only 35 likes. Whi...

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Can't like or follow


Hello, I have 2 tiktok accounts. For the 1 on my laptop I am now unable to like or follow users. The like counter goes up by 1 but then reverts to th...

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How to promote my music w tiktok


Hello, I'm new to Tiktok and want to promote my music and videos, which have a website: However, being new and with no guidance, all...

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Tiktok is trying to make me fill out tax form for creator fund??!!

I’m currently trying to fill in my tax information in order to withdraw from the creator fund. First I had to fill in my name and then was redirected ...

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No effects button on tiktok live screen.

Hello, I was wondering why I don’t have an effects button when I go to make a live video. I have the latest version and a iPhone 12 Pro Max. I can see...

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How i can promote my website over tiktok


Hi, I have created my new blog website for sharing the knowledge with engineering community. How i can promote it on tiktok?

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Fraud and scam violations


Hello, I kept receiving Fraud and Scam violations on my videos But my video is roblox gaming and I kept reading the community guidelines about fraud ...

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Help with tiktok upload video quality


Hello, I’m unable to find any solutions to my issue with video quality when uploading to TikTok. I have an iPhone 14 pro and I record videos in 4k ...

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Repost tiktok + little montage


Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to publish twitch clip OR part of a youtube video; with a streamer on it and with a montage that I do, o...

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Uploading tiktok videos & targeting other countries by phone

Hello all, I wanna upload Tiktok videos by mobile phone and reach other countries (not including my country bc of products) like the US, Mexico, UK,....

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Decription that changes itself

Hello, i have a problem. I usually add a description to the videos i post, and for some reason the description started to change itself, so, let's s...

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Blocked users

Hello, Hey is there a glitch with the Tiktok user block feature. I know I'm blocked by a user but sometimes when I search the user name thier video...

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Tiktok via desktop - ten minute upload not working

I access TikTok via my desktop. When I log on I get a popup stating I can upload 10 min videos but the upload box states 180seconds and I get an error...

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Tiktok english text-to-speech

Hello, When I edit video and use text-to-speech, there’s no voice in English. There are only Japanese voices that don’t even pronounce words properly...

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Tik tok recharge and gifts temporarily unavailable

Hello, I have been blocked by TikTok every time I recharge my coins or send an expensive gift, like a lion or a rocket. I get the message recharge o...

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Authorization for buffer?

Hello, I am trying to connect my TikTok with my Buffer account but get a popup that says, " Couldn’t authorize access Switch to a TikTok Creator or...

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Watermark shows different id


I already found the solution thanks 

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Tiktok -the worst application ever

Tiktok deleted many videos from my account in a very stupid way, i don't do anything wrong, my videos respects all the community guidelines, other peo...

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Tiktok link in bio

Hello, I'm trying to add a link in my TikTok bio but I can't find the add website option when I already have a professional account

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Account ban

Hello, my tiktok account is ban i don't know the reason why so i want your help to unban my account. Regards

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