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My pc won't turn on anymore

Hello everyone! I'm new here. I hope all of you are fine. Yesterday I used my PC normally. Only for a while now the batteries have stopped working an...


My proline is not responding to keyboard prompts

I recently updated my Proline to windows 10 and the keyboard was working fine. However, there was no sound so I added another driver for sound. Unfort...

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Prolong lifespan of led monitor

Hello, What tip for prolong longevity of monitor LED IPS LG?

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What to do when changing motherboard and processor?

Good evening,   In a few days I'm going to change my motherboard and processor (the ram too) and I wanted to know what things I'll have to do to make ...

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Video/camera settings on ms surface pro not working

As the title, my video/camera setting is greyed out when I try to use MS teams, any fixes for this please?

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Pc fails to start

Hi, My pc fails to start,,,even if charge is plugging in Please help!

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Suggest best 43 inch 4k tv under rs 20000

And the availability is only available online on the most trusted website like Amazon and flipkart


Too much ram?

I have a motherboard with two CPU slots and 8 RAM slots... is there no point in putting 256 GB? ddr4, 3200mhz. help me please.


Turn on keyboard backlight acer aspire lite


Hi, How to turn on keyboard lights on acer aspire lite AL15-51?

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Water-damaged wd mybook studio edition ii quad interface 6tb

Hello, this is my 1st post and the reason why I joined. I have a water-damaged hard drive 6TB that had water on-or-in it for 1 day and then I dried it...

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Proline v146sh notebook stuck on bios password

Hello,my laptop is stuck on bios password blue screen and I typed the password several times but it keeps showing invalid password pls help me

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Reset password on dell computer without factory reset

Hi, How do you reset the password on a dell computer without factory reset?


Laptop can't turn on

Hello, I was doing some work on my laptop then it froze. I switched it off using the power button but I can't turn it back on. Everytime I press the p...


Experiencing data center connectivity issues

Hello CCM Community, I hope this message finds you all well. I'm currently encountering some challenges related to data center connectivity, and I'm ...


Mecer z140c password reset

Hi, I got a laptop which is mecer z140c which my friend gave to unlock the password. When switched on, it doesn't give option to go to bios neither...

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No signal, acer aspire s7

Hello, i ve tried everything. Reset battery using pinhole, leaving it on charge for a whole night, pressing buttons on keyboard, nothing. Led batter...

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External dvd drive is not getting detected

Hello, i have my acer esw860 external dvd drive that won't be detected by my pc with motherboard asus p4pe-x te when I try to boot on it to rei...

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How do i insert the the hash # character on the keyboard


Can someone please help me with inserting the hash # character from the Keyboard of my New Lenovo G505 Laptop

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Hcl me laptop stuck on boot screen and is beeping

I have encountered a problem with my hcl me laptop as i start laptop is stuck on screen wheres one hash is on the screen and as i press any key is st...


Vga led on pc has no image and fans spin slow

Hello, my pc fans are spining slow and the vga Led on my motherboard is on so there is no video on my pc it's a brand new pc so it should work but it ...


Lg flatron turns off when it is connected to my pc

Hey, I have an LG Flatron W2442PA and a week ago it didn't turn on in the morning. When I turn it on, the button lights up for a few second and then t...


Laptop screen is blank

Hello, My laptop screen is blank I've tried everything in my power and writing my exams today 


How to store hdd safely


Does the DVD burner drive have a magnet If I store an HDD next to a 3 unit DVD drive, will the DVD drive's magnet generate badblocks and delete files ...

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At [@] key is typing the wrong symbol ["]


Hello, Not @ key press "

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Fujitsu laptop won't turn on after battery control update

Hello, I updated the software on my Fujitsu Lifebook E554 as per instructions on the pop-ups. Bios update went well, then I did the "Battery Control"...

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My arrow keys will not scroll down when i hold them down


Hello, So recently my laptop keyboard arrow keys stopped working, I use them to scroll up and down pages and this is very inconvenient for me so I...

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Are my hard drives healthy and genuine?


Hello, This two 1TB HDDs is good or bad for some storage files?

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What is bios shadowed

Hello, what does bios shadowed mean? this is showing when I start my laptop, now it keeps crashing. Heelllp. Configuration: Mac OS X / Safa...

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Best software to test hdd health


Hello, What best software to test external HDD search badblocks and errors?​​​​​​​

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Doubts about my hard disk bought on aliexpress


Hello, My brother bought an external HDD (closed case + notebook HDD) on aliexpress but he thinks this HDD is used but he opened SMART or some HDD pr...

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Keyboard blocked: how to unlock it?


my laptop is 6th generation

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Which is the best laptop for sap installation ?

Hello, Which is the best laptop for sap installation ? We are planning to implement in our spa.


Previous bios for asus a7u

    Hi!     I need previous versions of BIOS for my ASUS A7U. The reason is the following. It looks like ASUS added to last version of BIOS (206 - 20...

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Transcend external hd not detected

Hello, I can hear my transcend hard disk spinning but the blue light that normally flickers as it connects wont show up. Also, It is not being detect...


Mouse won't reach parts of screen on multiple monitors

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me. I have a ROG Strix Gaming Laptop with three monitors attached - 2 x 22 inches and 1x27 inches. The laptop...

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Laptop keyboard row not working after water spill

I have Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 that I spilled some water on last week. I waited a few days then tested it out and found that the keyboard was...

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Can i use my roku device without remote or not?


Is the answer is yes, give me steps to use my Roku device without a remote.

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Verizon jetpack

Why is Verizon Jetpack Not Working?



Hi, What are the best Drones for Beginners? Thanks

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Kingstone data traveler 32gb is write protected


Hello, Dear Supporter I have one flash drive model kingstone data traveler 32gb but I can not format it when I format it show mesag medai is write...

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Pc wont turn on. fans spin loud.


Hello everyone. Im new to this forum so I hope you can help me with my problem. Today I was playing some warthunder when suddenly my pc just turned of...

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Laptop not booting

Just installed a solid state hard drive there appears to be no bios installed on it and the screen just says the following: PXE-M61: MEDIA TEST FAILUR...

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Falling to boot

Hello,my laptop proline w76s it doesn't accept new windows always say Sis191 UNDI,PXE-2.1 how can i fix this

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How to remove password in bios menu


Hello, I forgotten my bios password how to remove my bios password to enter bios menu.

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Getting a drive detected in this pc

In my x32Win10ProV22H2, I have SSDs that are connected via SATA ports, but whose power can be switched on (and off) as required. The BIOS has been set...

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I can't turn on my nec laptop

Hello, My laptop is NEC I'm having a problem turning it on. When i push the on button the lights go on but i can't see anything on the screen an...

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Flipping and inverting a screen - advice sought.

Hi guys I have a 4-monitor set up. I want to flip and then invert one of the screens. I know through windows it is easy to flip a screen but I don't ...


Unsupported signal. please check device output


I am trying to hook up my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia TV. I have an HDMI output for the laptop and an HDMI cable. I have tried simply plugging the...

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Enhancing desktop experience: integrating tower servers

Hello Community, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to raise a topic that could greatly benefit desktop users seeking improved perf...


Acer laptop not booting into windows 10

Hello, ftr

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