My advent 4211c built in webcam does not work [Solved/Closed]

 thank you -

i have an advent 4211c notebook the builtin webcam does not work, I down loaded and registered with cyberlink youcam, when I put it on there is nothing, no cam a notice comes up saying no video device detected. please plug in video device into your compute, if you use an intergrated camera please make sure it is turned on.

i dont know what it all means....

please can you help

thanks jane

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if you press function then F6 this will switch the camera on.
Thank you

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thnx for dis useful post
thanks.. it works!!!
press Fn + f6 :)
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hi there,

go to manufacturer website

and download the proper driver for the webcam

The manufacturer of this built in usb video device is actually microsoft and not even the TechGuys-uk could help me with this problem. At the minute their best answer is to google for the drivers needed although you will get an email response from Advent if you follow the links on their web page. Cyberlink youcam is more of an extra or an add on so to speak which just allows you to do imaging things over the picture or video actually being taken by your microsoft device.

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