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Webcam 7 is a streaming service that allows users to view videos captured by webcam. It supports a large selection of devices and streaming modes.

What is webcam 7?

Webcam 7 is a program that allows you to have complete control over your webcam and other video sources connected to your PC. Its main intention is to serve as a low-cost video surveillance system for your home, office or business. That is why it incorporates a server that is responsible for transmitting the images captured by the webcams connected to the software, making it very easy to monitor the cameras through any computer or mobile phone that has access to the internet. It has sound and motion detection functions, an alert system, support for multiple cameras, continuous video recording, and image capture of the monitored areas, among other possibilities.

What are the key features of webcam 7?

  • Video surveillance: webcam 7 makes it possible to monitor your home or office from any given location by accessing the service from another computer or through your smartphone.
  • Motion detection: By heading to the Security tab you will find ad advanced motion and audio detection feature. The sensitivity of this feature is fully customizable. Moreover, there is an alarm trigger so that you will be informed whenever motion is detected in the scope of your connected camera.
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  • Live broadcast: This feature makes it possible to live stream your cameras via HTTP and access the stream by the means of your favorite web browser.
  • Scheduled recording: The software comes equipped with a Scheduler. With this feature, you can decide on which particular hour or day of the week you want to capture footage. The same feature allows you to automate the motion detection functionality.

How to use webcam 7?

Once the software is installed, you can click on the + symbol to add your first camera to the surveillance system. You can add both network cameras and cameras connected through USB or PCI. You can configure several settings for each camera you connect to the software, such as output resolution and max frame rate. Furthermore, you can decide to password-protect your cameras.

You can download the user manual for an extensive explanation of the installation and configuration process.

Is it free?

The software available for download on this page is the demo version of webcam 7 PRO, which can be used free of charge for a 21-day trial period. Webcam 7 PRO allows you to connect an unlimited amount of video sources. A lifetime license of webcam 7 PRO can be acquired for $99 on the Moonware Studios website.

If you want a completely free solution, you can go for webcamXP Free. However, this version only allows you to convert two video sources into a surveillance camera. 

Is it safe?

Yes, webcam 7 is considered a secure software. It doesn't contain any malware or ads. After installing the software, a Windows Firewall exception is added in order to assure that it doesn't get interfered with by Microsoft's security component.

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