Micromax Q5fb: How to Edit Phone Blacklist?

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I have purchased Q5 about 2 months ago in Delhi. I used Vodafone SIM there. The Phone Blacklist was full in 15 days as somehow these Service Providers leak new nos. Now it is not possible to blacklist any new harassing caller as "Blacklist is Full" error is displayed. I could delete all incoming missed calls list as well as received calls but there is no provision
to erase blacklist.

Can anybody help about this?
System Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0

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To remove and to see blacklist number:

1. Go to Settings
2. Then enter into Call settings
3. After entering call setting, click Advance settings
4. Finally you will get Blacklist
5. Check for blacklist number. To unblock blacklist number, go through mode off

Hope, it works!
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5. Here you have 2options. A) Mode B) Nos.
In mode you just set Blacklist ON or OFF.
In NOS. you see the 20 blacklisted nos. if Blacklist is FULL.
There is no further menu option but cursor lies at the end of First no.
If you want to delete that no. then prss BACK arrow on keypad 12times.
Then scroll down to other no and delete one by one.
You may delete just first 10nos as spam callers use last 10 nos. to check.
If blocked then they use new nos. This can be again now blocked.
thanks dear...very much
Thnk you Om Pradhan i
Pallavi .pls help.
Pls help iam use for micromax android one..my phone in my dad nmber add riject list... Pls help remove number from riject list..option pls
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@sajadkhan-This thread is over 7 years old...I gave you this thread to look and read to see if it helped you. DID YOU TRY THE INSTRUCTION SET?

I am deleting the other original post, and we will see if this 7 year old thread fixes your issues!