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i use the newest days before, i can always download video from youtube smoothly, but nowadays, when i want to download video, the speed goes down until reach 0, then the download was failed...and after that my internet connection down...

this annoying thing always happen when i download from youtube...but if i download from other as always success...

anybody know what happen? i need some help please TT...


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There may be different reasons. First of all, there may be malwares running in the background. Use an anti malware to remove them all.

It may also be sourcing from broadband problem too where the specific website is providing a slow file transfer protocol.

It may also be that you are downloading at peak hours where many people are doing the same.

I will advise you to try clearing your caches, cookies and history to see whether it improves the speed too.

Take care.
Thank you

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