Reviews about Kick the Buddy: No Mercy

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love this mod version <code html></code <a href="">kick the buddy apk mod</a>

I HATE YOU dufas
Ratnendra Ashok
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Though this game promotes violence, it is a perfect stress-buster tool.
I think it is stress releaveing
I know a lot of people hate this but I actually like it a lot!

i rilly rilly rilly like this gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i love game - crystalbird3207
its a veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy goodddddddddddd game
this game is very funny we also play kick the bunny booo
It is a good game
i loooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic game!!! :D
Its soooooo cool
It,s so good
best game ever
Brilliant game
OMG!I love it!!!
I like this game
It’s so cool
the games is cool
i thot you wore you me
best game ever
Awesome never playn such a nice game
çooooooook güzel
Unbelievable, kids see enough violence and here is yet another game that is making it look fun to hurt and kill someone

Its a good game
great game but bring it back on mobile devices
its so cool and fun and when i start playing it it change my life

It is fun
it is so cool

this is so cool

kick the buddy no mercy is fun and free

it so funny
cool so cool
I love kick the buddy it helps get stress out