Recover WhatsApp messages: without backup, iPhone, Android

Recover WhatsApp messages: without backup, iPhone, Android

If you want to restore messages that you have deleted, WhatsApp saves messages that you can recover within a week. There are also ways of recovering WhatsApp messages from a previous backup that you have made, and even without a backup by using a tool. In this article we will show you how to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages.

How to recover WhatsApp messages from iCloud on iPhone?

To recover your WhatsApp messages from an iCloud backup, you will need to first verify that an iCloud backup has been made on your device:

  • Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup
  • Here you will be able to see if there is an existing backup. If there is, then you can delete and then reinstall WhatsApp.
  • Once you have reinstalled the app, open the app. You must re-verify your phone number and then follow the prompts to recover your message history. 

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android?

The procedure for retrieving recent messages is simple: just uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile phone. You will be asked if you want to restore your message history during the installation process. At this point, choose Restore. After you have chosen to restore the messages, deleted messages will appear in the Chats window. If some messages don't appear, they may be part of an older backup. 

Before uninstalling WhatsApp, we recommend that you back up your conversations. Before restoring your older messages, remember that your last conversations will be erased during the process. You will only be able to recover messages from backups of the last seven days. Additionally, your cell number, registered in WhatsApp, must be the same one you had when the backup was made.

  • To start the restoring process, copy the contents of the WhatsApp/Database folder, located in your device's internal or external memory, to a folder on your PC. Then, uninstall WhatsApp.
  • Open the folder where you copied the files (on your PC), and delete the file msgstore.db.crypt7 or msgstore.db.crypt8. Once you have done this, choose the backup you want to restore and rename it. msgstore-Year-Month-Day.1.db.crypt7 should become msgstore.db.crypt7, and msgstore-Year-Month-Day.1.db.crypt8 should become msgstore.db.crypt8.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp on your device, but don't open it. Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable. Copy the file you renamed on your PC to your device's WhatsApp/Database folder. (If the folder is empty, you simply paste it. If a file with the same name exists, you will need to replace it.)
  • Now, open WhatsApp, and choose Restore when the message restoration window appears
  • When you see the number of messages retrieved, click Continue.

Is it possible to recover WhatsApp messages without a backup?

If you want to recover WhatsApp messages without having previously made a backup, you will need to use a third part tool such as MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS or Android.  

  • You need to download and install MiniTool Recovery for iOS or Android, depending on your mobile device, onto your PC.
  • Connect your phone to the computer and then open MiniTool Recovery. 
  • You will be prompted to perform a scan. Once completed, you then want to select WhatsApp from the list of data. This should then show your WhatsApp messages, even those deleted. 
  • Now simply search for and select the messages that you want to restore and select restore.

Can you see deleted messages that were sent to you?

Several apps claim to be able to show you deleted messages that were sent to you. For example, someone sent you a message and then deleted it, leaving the message of "this message was deleted." It doesn't appear that there is a legitimate way to read these messages. Most apps require you to give them access to your device to access your WhatsApp data, and you are best not to give third party access to your system. 

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