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  • my sd card is not being recognized by my pc or any recovery prog Closed

    Hello, my sd card is not being read by my pc even after downloading recovery programs and autorun exterminators it read once after months of being unr...

    sdcard holder | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 28, 2014
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  • dell inspirion 1420 bios password Closed

    My service tag is DB9RNH1. and my express service code is 28979704981 And my product key is BV7BK-BG4RR

    Ana.408 | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 28, 2014
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  • Problems with changing password Closed

    Hello, I have a gmail account, want to open it on my new iPhone but need the password which I do not remember. I have one email account and the c...

    Bblasczyk | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 26, 2014
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  • forgot my password and my alternatine email and password Closed

    Hello, I forgot my password and alturnative email doesnt exist anymore Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

    nj | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 26, 2014
    1 reply
  • Hello my phone was lost how can you help me get it Closed

    Hello my phone was lost how can you help me get it

    Sheilambabazi | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 26, 2014
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  • Teredo Tunneling * Pseudo-Interface problem Closed

    I have tried to download pictures from my smart phone and an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle pops up and the above message appears. I have trie...

    katsy22 | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 25, 2014
    1 reply
  • password reset Closed

    Hello, Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0password reset

    Emo Boy | Latest reply: Emo Boy Dec 24, 2014
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  • How can i get Launcher wp8 pro Closed

    How can i get Launcher wp8 pro. in my country? it keeps telling me that this item isn't available in my country on google play store. plz need help.

    Dolphin | Latest reply: Dolphin Dec 24, 2014
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  • Can I change os jelly bean 4.2 to Kitkat 4.4 in Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 Closed

    I have Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 android mobile. I want to change os jelly bean to Kitkat. Can I change in this mobile. ??

    Ashish Odich | Latest reply: Ashish Odich Dec 23, 2014
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  • how to get my videos& photos Closed

    Hello, I use my sony Ericsson st18i I lock my videos & photos I delete my filelocker now how to get my videos& photos pls tell Configuration: i...

    sham | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 23, 2014
    1 reply
  • wildfire htc sense Closed

    Hello, Why cart I use my HTC wildfire sense use internet on my notebook Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

    gippi | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 22, 2014
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  • bbm Closed

    Can I download bbm

    velencia | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 21, 2014
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  • dailomotion player Closed

    Vedios not playing nd downloding in dailomotion player im mobile samsung 5282

    sundeepkumar | Latest reply: sundeepkumar Dec 21, 2014
    1 reply
  • trying to turn a picture to JPG format Closed

    I'm trying to enter a picture for a contest online and it says it needs to be in jpg format I have no idea what that is please help this is the pictur...

    bethsatx | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 20, 2014
    1 reply
  • sd card transfer sd card is not detected Closed

    How can i set up a direct loading of download files to my external memory card. It seems that my sd card is not detected by my android phone which is ...

    Domino2452 | Latest reply: Domino2452 Dec 18, 2014
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  • wi-fi Mobile to PC Closed

    Hello, i am kranthi, i followed the above instruction and my mobile (samsung galaxy ace 2) get connected with my pc via wi-fi, but still i can't a...

    kranthi | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 18, 2014
    2 replies
  • internet connected but says unable to load Closed

    Hey my cell has full bars the data says its connected but i try to load facebook and it says its unable to load and when i go to click on something to...

    hajime | Latest reply: devA Dec 18, 2014
    1 reply
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Solved/Closed

    I accidentily turned on deaf ap on the phone and now the phone talks and I need to turn that ap off please help!!!!!!!!

    TinyMan | Latest reply: BunoCS Dec 18, 2014
    1 reply
  • whatsapp how can i add my profile photo Closed

    Hello, please tell me how i can add photos in the whats app messanger

    biankanka | Latest reply: devA Dec 18, 2014
    1 reply
  • two whatspp in one number Closed

    How to use two watsapp in different android devices in one number ?

    SIRAJPP | Latest reply: devA Dec 18, 2014
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  • problem of whassp aceess Closed

    Hello, my htc m8 mobile keep saying download while i ve whassp already installed Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 29.0

    thompson leton | Latest reply: devA Dec 18, 2014
    1 reply
  • How to download WhatsApp for Samsung star 2 GT-s5263? Solved/Closed

    Hi, I can't download WhatsApp for my phone Samsung Star 2 GT-S5263. Please help me download and install it! Thanks!

    chokzin | Latest reply: devA Dec 18, 2014
    3 replies
  • problem updating my s4 Closed

    I have a problem updating my s4 when ever I press update it starts installing system update but after a while it stopes n takes me to n other page ...

    1o | Latest reply: devA Dec 18, 2014
    1 reply
  • I forget my password Closed

    Hello, help mi Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 39.0.2171.93

    aqeel | Latest reply: BunoCS Dec 17, 2014
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  • solution for bluetooth headset Closed

    Hello friend, I am using Lenovo A1000 tab and I want brought a new ROX bh-101 Bluetooth headset but there is no pairing between them .please give me a...

    sanjay96 | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 16, 2014
    1 reply
  • samsung galaxy is all time hang Closed

    Hello, my mobile name is samsung galaxy y young. and his all times hang please resolve my issue

    anand | Latest reply: anand Dec 16, 2014
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  • why my facebook app cannot be downloaded on my samsung mobile? Closed

    Hi, The facebook app can not be uploaded on my samsung ace duos mobie phone.. It was fine till i mistakenly removed it... Since then i tried many...

    nora | Latest reply: nora Dec 14, 2014
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  • extend battery lifespan Solved/Closed

    hi, i just bought a new vodacom kicka smartphone. is it natural for the battery to last only 14 hours after fully charged. all my apps is closed that ...

    troy44 | Latest reply: troy44 Dec 12, 2014
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  • samsung kies backup Closed

    hi - i just lost all my contacts (courtesy of at&t) and am now trying to back them up from my google gmail from my laptop (my contacts) is there a wa...

    abbydog132 | Latest reply: abbydog132 Dec 9, 2014
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  • how can i download tango Closed

    how can i download tango on my samsung wave gt s8500

    Giftdaniel | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 9, 2014
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  • how do I uninstall go chat Closed

    Hello, how do I uninstall go chat. I keep receiving text messages from people I don't know. I just want to uninstall go sms free messages . Not go s...

    thomas | Latest reply: thomas Dec 8, 2014
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  • unable to Listen music via Samsung BHM1100NBEGINU. Closed

    Hi I am using Samsung Galaxy GT-S7562 but unable to Listen music via Samsung BHM1100NBEGINU. Pls do the needful.

    Samiran2010 | Latest reply: Samiran2010 Dec 8, 2014
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  • my phone is screen lock please send passlock Closed

    Hello, my phone is nokiax2 andriod how to screen lock crase Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 33.0

    akash | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 7, 2014
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  • Cleanmaster on Galaxy S3 ram usage is high Solved/Closed

    Cleanmaster continually tells me my ram usage is high....what causes ram usage to be high? Is this legitamate software/

    rccraw | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 7, 2014
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  • Samsung memory card hide files n folders Closed

    Hello, How to I reover my memory card hide files n folders those I saw bt cant open bcoz its hide plzzz help me :( Configuration: iPhone / Chro...

    patel | Latest reply: patel Dec 6, 2014
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  • Transferring music albums Closed

    How do you transfer music albums from laptop to Samsung s4 mini,pl? Do I need a memory card?

    Jo | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 5, 2014
    1 reply
  • How can I recover my yahoo password if I remember only yahoo ID Closed can I recover my yahoo password if I remember only yahoo ID and nothing else? ??

    semu | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 5, 2014
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  • password Closed


    S.P.A | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 5, 2014
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  • porlaroid table.will come on but wont boot up Closed

    My polaroid tablet will come on but never gets passed that it shows up PORLAROID and a loading signal that goes on forever.

    neenah31821 | Latest reply: neenah31821 Dec 4, 2014
    2 replies
  • my phone is sony xperiaz2 not iphone Closed

    Hello mine wasnt an iphone it was a sony xperia Z2 and i didnt have this system of finding lost or stolen phone..what other options do i have to tra...

    kadjuli | Latest reply: BunoCS Dec 4, 2014
    1 reply
  • i lost my phone and i forgot my google acc. password please helf Closed

    Hello, i lost my phone ang i have a problem to my google becouse i forgot my google account and password please helf me how can i recover my google ac...

    roger | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 3, 2014
    1 reply
  • Can't send from Straight Talk Android phone Closed

    Hello, This app is great if you go through a contract carrier, such as Verizon. Once my husband switched to Straight Talk - which goes through the...

    Pitmom | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 3, 2014
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  • samsung s5 Closed

    Hello, How to unlock mobile without factory data reset Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

    babu | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 3, 2014
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  • replace the deleted numbers Closed

    Hello, how to replace deleted numbers Configuration: Linux / Firefox 33.0

    arun | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 2, 2014
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  • sumsung galaxy GTs5830i Closed

    the have locked screen due to wrong pattern password put plz help to recover the phone

    MAKANEKO | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 2, 2014
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  • whats app download Closed

    Hello, how to download Configuration: iPhone / Opera 9.80

    priya | Latest reply: SheriLeeGrace Nov 30, 2014
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  • Music player Closed

    Hello, I am Using Samsung SM-G355H, with Android ICS. a have purchase a samsung bluetooth headset Hm1100. now i am not able to listen music via th...

    Thimmappa | Latest reply: Thimmappa Nov 27, 2014
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  • my all folders in micro sd automatically changes to UUUUU.uuuu Closed

    When I write my sd card there is no problem writing it but when it connected in my mobile data is losed and all folder is converted in tha name UUUUUU...

    Mohit Soni | Latest reply: Mohit Soni Nov 24, 2014
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  • Android website building Closed

    Is there anybody who knows of anyone who has successfully launched and published a website utilizing sole android devices 4.4 and under? @_@ Than...

    Beviboo68 | Latest reply: Beviboo68 Nov 23, 2014
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    BISCUITCAT | Latest reply: websiter Nov 23, 2014
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