These games are not only fun but also pay money to the winners. Check them out!

These games are not only fun but also pay money to the winners. Check them out!

Do you love playing video games and are good at it? Then you can combine entertainment with making money. Here we have collected the best legitimate games that pay real money or cryptocurrency.

We're used to playing video games to have fun, experience adventure or develop creativity, and socialize in the gaming community, but there are a whole range of games that allow you to not only have fun, but also earn some coins. There are games in which payments are made in real dollars, and there are games in which payments are made in cryptocurrency and which are based on blockchain technologies. There's also a wide variety in genres, from arcade games to bingo and quizzes. The choice is yours!

It is important to know that participating in many games with the opportunity to earn money may demand investments and involve certain financial risks. This guide is not and should not in any way be taken as a call to participate in gambling. We have collected the games here for informational purposes only.

Blackout Bingo

There is a wide range of bingo games available on app stores to suit all tastes, and they all usually require a small initial investment to be eligible to compete for the prize pool. We like the game Blackout Bingo, one of the most popular in this genre. This game, like Dominoes Gold or Solitaire Cube, is built on the Skillz platform, which allows game developers to add an element of social competition to their games. In the game, you go on a journey through beautiful places in the world and meet other players there. To participate in personal meetings or tournaments, you need to buy a certain amount of in-game currency, Z coins (for the most adventurous and ambitious, there are also more competitive modes with real money bets). In each game, your avatar is matched with real players whose level is comparable to yours, which makes the game more fair. To withdraw your winnings, you can use Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa and Xsolla. The game is available for Android and iOS.

© Big Run Studios

Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is an arcade Bubble shooter from Papaya Studio in which you compete with other players to be the first to burst all the bubbles. The game is played in tournaments, in each of which the top three players in the ranking win. Everything is transparent and honest and success depends only on your reaction. The game is also attractive because you can train for free, and after gaining experience, take part in tournaments for money. You can play the game on your smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android. Withdrawal of prize funds is via PayPal.

© Papaya Gaming

Solitaire Cash

Are you good at cards or want to learn how to play Solitaire? Then you can download and try the Solitaire Cash gaming app for free from the already familiar Papaya studio. Just like in the game, practice games are free, and prizes are awarded to the top three in the tournament. The game also matches you with players of a similar level. Winnings are deposited into your PayPal or Apple Pay account. There are versions both for Android and for iOS gadgets.

© Papaya Gaming

Pool Payday

And now it's time to play billiards! However, in the Pool Payday game your gambler's abilities will be very useful, because this game is also built on the principle of Solitaire. The game is also built on the Skillz platform and allows you to play in public and private matches for real money. The more skilled you become, the more chances you have to make money. The game is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free from the Apps Store / Google Play store.



We conclude our review of one of the most popular online cryptocurrency games, Aviator from the Spribe studio. The game is multiplayer and very simple, and that's part of its appeal: players bet on how far the plane will fly before it crashes. The most interesting element of the game is that the size of the winnings depends on the moment at which the player decides to withdraw and cash out his money. Yes, this is a very gambling game, in it you can either lose a lot or win a lot. The game can be played at different crypto casinos of your choice and you can also try the demo version.

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