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Steam is the most used game digital distribution platform worldwide. It provides the vastest gaming catalog, has more features for players and developers, and focuses on delivering a polished user and community experience.

What is Steam?

Steam is the first video game digital distribution platform developed and released by Valve. Valve launched Steam to challenge the status quo of how games should be sold and has been the pioneer of digitally distributed video games. It is still the most prominent digital distribution platform for PC gaming. Steam is just fantastic as it provides everything you need to keep your game library synchronized, allows millions of developers to publish their games on the platform, and provides in-game and community features.

What are the key features of Steam?

  • Synchronization: All your games are stored online and can be downloaded on any supported device. Moreover, Steam natively provides save-synchronization with Steam Cloud so that you never lose your data.

  • Easy purchase: Steam makes the purchase process frictionless and very easy as they support over 35 currencies and over 100 payment methods. You will also be able to request a refund for any game as long as you meet the Steam refund policy conditions, and they are pretty fair. You can even buy games as gifts for your friends and attach a note to your present, that's wonderful.

  • Early access: Thanks to early access, you can start playing games and get involved in feedback to developers while the game is updated. In addition, you have the possibility to participate in how the game will look and shape the final experience.

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  • Wishlist: Never miss when your next favorite game is released or cheaper by adding it to your wishlist, notifications can be automatically sent to you when one of your items is available.

  • Native local multiplayer: Steam also supports local multiplayer so that you do not have to worry about server and multiplayer management if you don't want to. This feature works very well and allows you to play lots of games with your friends.

  • Sales: You cannot afford the game you want to play? No worry, wait for the Steam sales, and you will be able to buy lots of games or bundles at a very affordable price.

  • Find fast: Thanks to the powerful search engine and all the available game categories, you will find games you like in seconds, even though the catalog is vast. You can also consult all the players' reviews and the average community rating to make sure the game fulfills its promises or post yours to help other people have a taste of the game without having to buy it.

  • Colossal community: We are talking about hundreds of millions of players on the Steam platform. You will be able to share content, make new friends, and be active in the gaming community.

  • Instant messaging: Thanks to the built-in Steam instant messaging feature, you can talk with your friends or groups using text or voice. You can also send videos, tweets, GIFs, and much more.

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  • Stream: The Steam Broadcast allows you to stream your gameplay live just by clicking on a button so that you can share your game with the community and your friends. It is an excellent built-in tool that works flawlessly and helps developers make demos, players follow creators, and help people connect.

  • Share: You can even share your games with your friends so that they don't need to buy games. Of course, there are some limitations, but it offers a very great way to play games for free.

  • Workshop: The Steam Workshop is a place where players who created content, tools, or mods can publish and download content into their games. The conditions may vary depending on the game, but it can add lots of different kinds of content to the original experience.

  • Multilingual: Because Steam focuses on providing good services to as many users as possible, they support over 28 different languages and counting.

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How to use Steam?

  1. Once downloaded and installed, create a Steam account or log in using your Steam credentials.
  2. Make your account safer and configure two-factor authentication.
  3. If your device supports it, go to the store and download the game you want, install it, and enjoy.

If you don't want to spend money, there are hundreds of free-to-play options.

Is it free?

You can download and use Steam for free. However, even if there are some free Steam games, you still have to pay for commercial ones.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. Steam provides an excellent account protection process thanks to multiple authentication processes like the Steam Guard application. Moreover, Steam has no history of security issues. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy to note the way Steam uses your data. You should keep in mind that you should pay attention to scam links and who you add as a friend, just as everywhere on the web.

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