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  • What is NVMe SSD drive: PCI Express, slot

    When buying a faster computer, we are accustomed to paying attention first of all to the number of processor cores, its clock speed and the amount of RAM, and only then evaluate the parameters of the drive. The last few years have seen a real revolution in the storage industry: NVMe super fast drives have appeared. Here we will tell you about their advantages and explain how they differ from traditional solutions.

  • Netflix Games: Android, iOS, list

    Netflix has a new strategy to keep up with the concurrence (such as Disney+ and HBO Max) and to give a breath of fresh air to the cloud-based entertainment. And the way to do this is through Netflix Games, a new service for mobile devices included in the platform's subscription. Here you will find everything you need to know about games on Netflix.

  • Create a Poll on WhatsApp group chats: Android, iOS

    A poll is a great marketing tool as well as a good way to ask friends many questions. In WhatsApp, it was previously possible to make polls using third-party applications, but now Meta has introduced a new feature for conducting polls directly in the app and sharing them in groups. For now, it's only available on Android and iOS. Here you will find an instruction on how to make a WhatsApp's poll on your mobile device.