These Pokémon cards are now worth a fortune - do you have any in your collection?

These Pokémon cards are now worth a fortune - do you have any in your collection?

Do you have old Pokémon cards lying at the bottom of your drawers? Check out the value of these childhood memories on the second-hand market: collectors might pay you thousands of dollars!

Pokémon has been one of the major pop culture phenomena in the last thirty years and was an integral part of our childhood, regardless of our generation. The franchise comes in multiple versions, not just video games, but also an animated series, movies, manga, not to mention collectible cards that are sold for a fortune. Indeed, some cards are highly sought after by collectors, who don't hesitate to spend crazy amounts to get them on the second-hand market or even at auctions.

The world's most expensive Pokémon card is the Pikachu Illustrator with a PSA 10 grade. It was bought for $5,275,000 by YouTuber Logan Paul in July 2021. It's a Japanese card from a special collection, won in a Pokémon contest, so it couldn't be bought in stores. In other words, there's only one in the world! Among the most expensive cards, we can also mention the Charizard 1st Edition Base Set (Shadowless), the Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy Card ($150,000), the Pikachu Illustrator with a PSA 9 grade ($420,000), and others, like the first edition 1998 Dracaufeu card ($420,000)...

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Pokémon card prices vary based on rarity and condition. New or undamaged cards are more valuable. A card in good condition has minimal wear, while average cards have bent corners and noticeable wear. Worn or damaged cards have no value. If you find sealed card packs, don't open them; sealed boosters sell for a high price, and unopened old boosters often sell better than individual cards.

To estimate a card's price, check its rarity symbol (circle for common, rhombus for uncommon, star for rare, three stars for special/extra rare). Look at the serial number in the bottom right; a higher number or "SH" before it indicates rarity. Hidden cards with larger numbers can be extremely rare. Holographic cards, especially rare ones, are valuable. Even if they are not necessarily rare, collectors like some of their peculiarities. If, in addition, the card is rare - with at least one star - then its price will soar.

If, after all these steps, you estimate that your Pokémon card is worth a small amount, have it authenticated. There are companies specialized in the authentication of rare or luxury items, which can increase its value even more. There are also several sites to compare and estimate the value of Pokémon cards. Once that's done, go to a second-hand resale site like eBay. There are also sites specialized in the sale of Pokémon cards, such as Card Market. Happy selling!