This is why you shouldn't dry a flooded iPhone in rice!

This is why you shouldn't dry a flooded iPhone in rice!

Has it ever happened to you that your phone slips out of your hands and lands directly in the water? Well, it's quite a stressful situation, even though many modern gadgets are often designed to be waterproof. However, there's a common remedy known as the rice method. Although, Apple strongly advises against using it, and here is why.

Apple's tech support site has recently updated its instructions in case the smartphone warns you of moisture in the charging port. Now the page separately mentions that the smartphone should not be dried with rice, the method commonly used to absorb moisture.

Apple strongly advises against using rice to dry a flooded iPhone and suggests avoiding common practices that may worsen the situation. The updated instructions on the Apple tech support site specifically highlight the potential harm caused by rice particles. Apple discourages using a hair dryer, compressed air, or inserting foreign objects like cotton swabs into the charging port, as these actions can introduce particles or push moisture further into the device.

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Additionally, Apple provides alternative recommendations for dealing with moisture-related issues. If a substance other than water comes into contact with the iPhone, the company suggests washing it off with running water without flooding the ports. Afterward, a gentle wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth is recommended. To facilitate drying, users are advised to tap the iPhone gently, with the charging port at the bottom, and then place it in a well-ventilated, dry area. Using a fan in the room to direct cold air into the Lightning or USB-C connector can expedite the drying process.

Apple highlights that you should withhold from cable charging for at least 5 hours after the iPhone has encountered moisture. Before wireless charging, it is recommended to wipe the smartphone with a soft cloth, ensuring the case is completely dry before placing it on the charging mat. If the speakers exhibit diminished performance after exposure to water, you are advised to check for remaining moisture by placing the iPhone with the speakers facing down on a lint-free cloth. If moisture is detected, you should follow the provided tips for drying the device.

Other tips from Apple if your device detects liquid: 

  • Charging your iPhone when the charging port is wet can lead to permanent damage or make it stop working, causing connection problems with your iPhone or accessories. It's generally not a good idea to charge a wet iPhone, but in emergencies, you can reconnect it to the cable or accessory and override the liquid detection to charge it.
  • If you have a wireless charger, that's a safer option. Just make sure the back of your iPhone is dry before putting it on your wireless charger for the best results.