Dream Job Alert! Earn $10000 to work on remote island in the arctic circle !

Dream Job Alert! Earn $10000 to work on remote island in the arctic circle !

A recent job offer has caught the attention of thousands of interested applicants. Your mission, if you chose to accept it, would be to spend 1 week on a remote island in the arctic circle. Sounds simple... so what's the catch ?

How would you like to embark on an all-expense-paid journey to the ends of the earth with this extraordinary job offer. The Opera browser is looking to hire a "Tabfulness Guru," and the fortunate ones chosen for the role will earn $10,000 for a week of work while residing on the isolated island of Bjarnarey, near Iceland. The company even promises to foot the bill for your stay for two people in a private house, along with flight tickets. So you wouldn't be entirely on your own, but you would be isolated nonetheless. 

What will be your mission? As for your job description, it's not the most demanding. You'll simply need to conduct internet research using the Opera browser. Additionally, you are encouraged to stay calm and drink fish oil. Opera specifies on its website: "Bjarnarey, an abandoned volcanic island, will be your workspace. Sail from the top of the world and achieve true Tabfulness."

In a promotional video, the company explains that you will be replacing Valgardur Hlöðversson, who has been living alone in this place for 7 years. He needs a break, and you are called to the rescue for a week, to be chosen between March 18 and May 31, 2024. Over time, he has adopted the relaxed Scandinavian lifestyle to align with the nature of this browser. Opera offers an ad-free environment and better information control, according to the Norwegian company.

How to apply? Certainly, you don't have to believe in this story, but this job offer is real. To apply, you have until February 25. Simply visit the address of this special operation. You will then need to provide your names, first names, and email address. However, applications will be selected through a creative text of a maximum of 120 characters, where you provide your interpretation of Tabfulness. The winner will be announced on Opera's X account (formerly Twitter) on February 29, 2024. For more information on this contest, you can visit the official site here. Would you be tempted to apply for this extraordinary offer?

In what is arguably a clever piece of digital marketing, Opera as caught the attention of thousands of hopeful applicants. Even if you are unsuccessful, or read this article too late, this does raise questions of the limits and possibilities that remote work allow this current generation of workers. It is now not an unfeasible project to live and work abroad remotely, even if for a short amount of time.