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With a sleek user interface and first ever sidebar extension, Opera is a fast, strong, stable, and secure web browser for internet users. It comes along with useful and innovative features to make you feel comfortable when surfing the web.

What are the key features of the Opera browser?

  • Multi-operation: Opera Next provides the user with an intuitive graphical interface that supports tabbed browsing. It offers a system that provides the ability to perform multiple searches at a time.

  • Search Option: This browser facilitates the performance of research on the web. A specific bar dedicated to this purpose is available where the user simply enters a keyword and the browser displays the sites that match the criteria.

  • Optimization: What makes Opera different is that it comes with an optimization module so as to quickly load the pages. This is an off-road mode, which compresses all open pages ensuring a good connection speed.

  • Favorites: It is possible to easily access the most visited sites by classifying them in the Favorites tab. Users can add any site and organize them as needed.

  • Data Sync: It is also possible to synchronize the Opera browsers of your devices.

  • Opera Browser VPN: To make your experience the most complete possible, Opera offers users the possibility to download a Free VPN.

  • Additional Features: Other functionalities include sidebars for Twitter and Instagram, tools for Snapchat, AdBlocker, a unit converter, and a Crypto wallet, among others.

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Is Opera Browser safe?

The Opera Interner browser is considered as safe as any other top Internet browser. As always, don’t forget to check the Privacy policy before installing. But is Opera a good browser? It depends on why you use it: it covers all the basic needs but if you are looking for more optimization options, you may want to check Vivaldi.

Is Opera Browser free?

Yes, you can download and use it for free