Apple has created its own artificial intelligence and is set to release it this year

Apple has created its own artificial intelligence and is set to release it this year

Apple is reportedly testing a new AI called "Ask." The company has initiated a pilot program to test a new AI aimed at improving its technical support.

Although Apple has not yet launched a product based on generative artificial intelligence, the company has confirmed its ongoing work in this technology. Rumors are circulating about an equivalent to ChatGPT being internally tested to enhance Siri in the future. Whilst it is still in development, it has been rumored that we could see it unveiled as soon as WWDC 2024 this summer, alongside the iOS 18 and other software updates. 

In addition to enhancing the quality of Siri's interactions and responses, generative AI could revolutionize Apple's technical support. According to a recent article by MacRumors, Apple has launched a pilot allowing AppleCare advisors to use a new tool called Ask. Essentially, it would be a chatbot similar to ChatGPT but specialized in Apple products. 

In essence, advisors participating in this pilot would have the option to query the AI to assist customers in resolving issues. For example, Ask could respond to questions like "A customer is unable to update their device to iOS 13.7. What can we do?" The AI would respond using Apple's internal documents, and Apple would even encourage advisors to query this artificial intelligence before resorting to traditional methods or consulting a supervisor.


However, it's essential to approach this information with caution as it is not from an official source. Nevertheless, this rumor once again suggests that Apple may not be as behind in artificial intelligence as perceived. It would be even more surprising if Apple wasn't working on AI, as this appears to be the current future of tech

It is worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook has already announced that the company will make a significant announcement this year. "As we look ahead, we will continue to invest in these technologies and others that will shape the future," he said during Apple's quarterly results. "This includes artificial intelligence, to which we continue to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort, and we are excited to share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year."

All signs point to Apple taking advantage of the iOS 18 presentation at their annual WWDC event to announce its generative AI-based innovations. This technology could radically change the Siri experience and improve other Apple applications, such as Spotlight and the Health app. Keep your eyes posted and we'll bring you more news when it is announced !