The most fascinating AI-powered apps: ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, etc

The most fascinating AI-powered apps: ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, etc

Are you excited about the new technology coming into our daily lives? Or are you more scared than fascinated by it? Well, like in the movie "Her", AI technology is already here and it's hard to avoid it completely. In this article, we discover the top AI-powered apps and services that change our world for better or for worse. Read more about ChatGPT, Lensa, DALL-E 2, Youper, and OthersideAI.


Writes text in your style, provides detailed responses, and more

OpenAI presented the new AI-powered technology called ChatGPT. This new 'magical' tool can generate human-like text, following one's writing style, responding to prompts, and giving detailed answers. It was trained on massive data and continues to learn daily. You can write to the chatbot what you need, and it will be done in a few seconds. In the beginning of 2023, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute OpenAI revealed a new technology called GPT-4 that powers ChatGPT for developers premium ChatGPT Plus subscribers. It can generate better emails, texts, advertising campaigns, and more by digesting and learning the information stored on the web. Read more about ChatGPT in our related article. This can seem pretty fascinating and scary at the same time. You can try ChatGPT while it's still free here.


Generates images and works of art from a text description

DALL-E 2 is a new AI software that turns your words into images and works of art. You can write a text in English, and the neural network will generate a realistic image out of it. The tool is developed by OpenAI and Google's Imagen technology. DALL-E 2 translates English into its own language and then turns the text into a picture. It can easily combine unrelated concepts and create anthropomorphized versions of animals and objects, so feel free to use your imagination. You can try DALL-E 2 here.


Analyzes your emotional health and reduces anxiety

Youper uses artificial intelligence to analyze users' emotional health states, their thinking traps and mood patterns, and help them to keep track of their mental health. The app asks users questions and has a short conversation with them. Based on their answers, it gives feedback. It also can guide users through personalized meditations. According to Youper's founders, it has been proven clinically effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression by researchers at Stanford University. You can try Youper and download it here


Writes emails for you

Imagine, you have to write a long email to your colleagues explaining why you have to postpone a meeting, for example. With OthersideAI you can type the keywords, such as: "I'm sorry", "got sick", "meeting next week," and click on the Generate button. The software will compose a polite letter in your unique style and in the tone you'd like to use (friendly, formal, etc.). Then, you need to check the email and click on Send. Isn't it fascinating?

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Creates artistic portraits from scratch

Even though Lensa has been around since 2018, it has gained crazy popularity over the last few weeks. All this is thanks to the new feature it introduced. Now, Lensa can create portraits from scratch. To access this feature, you need to download the app (it costs $3.99 for 50 images) and upload 10 to 20 pictures of yourself so that the AI can analyze your face properly. Afterwards, you get an artsy avatar and a number of creative pictures of yourself. Download Lensa and try its new AI-powered features, but remember that it also uses your photos to train its AI.

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Interior AI

Helps design your home

This AI app might come in handy if you are planning on redecorating your home or doing a complete makeover. You need to provide photos of your apartment or house, and the AI-powered app will give you examples and ideas on how to style your home in different styles, such as minimalist, Scandinavian, modern, etc. With this app, you might not need a decorator's help anymore. The free version of the program provides you with 5 designs. You can download more with the Pro version. 

Interior AI
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Creates digital art of high precision 

Midjourney blew up the Internet in recent weeks. This AI app creates hyper-realistic images, dreamlike landscapes and beautiful, surreal scenes in just a few seconds. You can use it just for fun or also to create a poster of your dream, print it and hang it on the wall at home. You can read more about Midjourney here and try it here

Midjourney AI
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