Experts reveal how to extend the lifespan of your smartphone

Experts reveal how to extend the lifespan of your smartphone

Smartphone users, pay attention! Experts have disclosed ways to improve the lifespan of your mobile device. Read on for all the details.

Maintaining a healthy battery life is one of the main factors in ensuring a long life for your smartphone. You don't want to be stuck charging your phone all the time for it to run out of battery after a few hours as best. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your smartphone healthy

Do you remember the last time that you actually turned your smartphone off, other than it just dying from a low battery? No, me neither. This is actually one of the worst habits that we have with our smartphones... they are almost always turned on. Constantly keeping your smartphone on can lead to accumulated issues over time. Regularly turning it off and restarting can help avoid these problems. Experts recommend daily device restarts to prevent performance degradation and security risks.

Continuous operation results in the accumulation of residual memory from updates, unclosed apps, and web pages on your smartphone. This leads to slower performance and can ultimately impact the functionality of the device. When you restart your smartphone, not only are running programs closed, but the RAM is also cleared. This enhances the speed and stability of the device by reducing potential software bugs and freeing up system resources.

The simple process of restarting your smartphone daily offers many advantages according to experts. In addition to improved performance, daily shutdowns and restarts bring various benefits:

  • Faster Charging: Turning off the smartphone and simultaneously connecting it to the charging cable can speed up the charging process, saving time and energy.

  • Energy Savings: Regularly powering off the smartphone contributes to energy and battery conservation, leading to long-term cost savings.

  • Better Signal Connections: A restart can help resolve connectivity issues with the mobile network and enhance signal strength.

  • Increased Security: Regular restarts keep software and security updates up to date, reducing the risk of malware attacks.

  • Radiation Reduction: Turning off the smartphone reduces radiation and can contribute to better sleep, especially if the device is kept near the bed.

Tech experts, and manufacturers like Samsung advise users to restart their smartphones daily to optimize performance and enhance security. With this simple trick you can extend the battery life of your battery.  If your battery is already running out of juice rapidly, then bare this advice in mind for your next mobile, to keep it at long as possible.