ChatGPT has had enough of your sex questions... here's the most requested one

ChatGPT has had enough of your sex questions... here's the most requested one

ChatGPT allows users to ask any possible questions free from judgement and criticism. Naturally, people are asking the chatbot about the birds and the bees. Whilst certain content is deemed inappropriate, ChatGPT does offer some advice and guidance.

Living in a society where discussion about such topics are often uneasy, OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, would prefer users refrained from asking "adult" questions. Despite that, a chatbot like ChatGPT can offer valuable insights into intimate matters that users may be hesitant to discuss with their doctors, or search for on Google at the risk of some interesting browsing results. 

Fortunately, OpenAI and its models seem to navigate a dual stance on the matter, favoring a status quo while also acknowledging the demand. For instance, while the platform has cracked down on GPTs designed as virtual companions, many such models are still available under various guises. Similarly, responses to sex-related queries from ChatGPT often veer toward generic advice, lacking depth. However, by adjusting the model's responses via customization options, users can steer the conversation. One effective method is adding a request for factual and direct answers, particularly regarding sexuality, while avoiding moral judgments or unsolicited advice.

As for the most commonly asked question: "What is the ideal frequency for performing fellatio on a partner?" We'll spare you the need for a premium subscription to ChatGPT Plus for the upgraded GPT-4 model's response. Here's what we received after asking the aforementioned question:

"There's no one-size-fits-all frequency for sexual activities like fellatio in a relationship. It depends on the preferences, desires, and comfort levels of both partners. Open communication is key to finding what works best, as needs and desires can vary and change over time due to factors like stress, health, and the dynamics of the relationship. Regular discussions with your partner promote mutual satisfaction and respect for each other's needs. To improve your sex life, focus on communication, consent, variety, and well-being. Seeking advice from a healthcare professional or sex therapist can be helpful for specific concerns."

While this response may lack directness, it offers valuable insights and touches upon essential aspects of sexual wellness. Given the demand for such queries, OpenAI could benefit from embracing greater openness and possibly integrating a team of sexologists to provide more nuanced responses. This could involve personalized exchanges with the AI or addressing more daring inquiries, providing users with more meaningful support when accessing professional assistance isn't feasible or desired.